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Evaluation of the President

Each year the Board shall perform an integrative evaluation of the President that will assist him/her achieve strategic objectives through specific collaborative review and accountability discussion with the board.

The President’s evaluation is based on yearly goals approved by the Board of Trustee’s which support the established current Core Themes of the college. Accountability and performance evaluation shall encompass but is not be limited to feedback regarding the President’s working relationship with the Board of Trustees, leadership execution, integrity, strategic thinking/execution, risk management and fiscal stewardship.

Trustees are instructed to return the formatted evaluation (based on the current Core Themes) to the Chair for discussion in compliance with a previously agreed upon evaluation calendar schedule.

Core Theme Comment and or Recommendation
Core Theme #1 – Achieve excellence in teaching and learning

Core Theme #2 – Enhance a college climate that values diversity and global perspectives

Core Theme #3 – Strengthen and expand the presence and role of the college within the communities it serves

Core Theme #4 – Sustain an open, honest and collaborative environment that is responsive to the needs of the college community, and that promotes good stewardship of the college’s financial resources



Reviewed and updated, January 18, 2018
Chair, Debrena Jackson Gandy
Vice Chair, Bob Roegner
Member, Dan Altmayer
Member, Fred Mendoza
Member, Sili Savusa

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