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International Travel Policy

  1. International Travel may be either a Board issue ora Presidential issue. However, international travel by Trustees should be rare andconform to the guidelines below. Additionally, to ensure Trustee travel is essential and necessary, both the President and the Board shall have a check and balancerole in its approval. The Board will only consider a Trustee’s request to travel if it is supported by a recommendation from the President. Upon receiving such a recommendation, the request will be subject to the approval process set forth below. The topic of international travel by a Trustee must first be discussed in apublic study session prior to consideration of approval at a regularly scheduled Board meeting.

    Board Issues related to international travel: When Trustees travel internationally on college business, they should do so in the company, and in support, of the President (or designee). The presence of the Trustee on an international trip should advance the Board’s wider role in representing the College to its communities, promoting the College image, and helping to formulate and evaluate college policessuch as, the College’smission, and overall strategic plan, a significant expansion of an existing program, orthe establishment ofa new international program.

    Operational Issues related to the President on international travel: Since most international travel will arise from existing programs that fall within the operational responsibility of the President, operational issues can be defined as those arising from administrative implementation of the College mission, strategic plan, initiatives and /or tasks within specific college programs.

  2. The travel should lead to an outcome, anticipated or immediate, that furthers the policy operational initiatives of the College.
  3. Under circumstances where a clear and cost-effective benefit to the College can be demonstrated, international travel by Trustees may be entertained. To assess the validity of any proposed international travel for a Trustee, the following steps/guidelines will be followed.
    1. The proposal should originate at the request of a member of Executive Staff. The request does not originate from the Board or individual Trustees.
    2. Requests must address one or more of the following criteria and must constitute a compelling purpose:
      1. The Trustee has specific professional expertise in an area relevant to the project. However, care must be taken to avoid confusing aTrustee’sprofessional position with his/her role as a Trustee. While helpful in a particular situation,a Trustee’s knowledge should not be a substitute for professional staff expertise. If specific expertise is needed, the President should employ or assign staff with the specificbackground needed to also participate in the trip.

        As a Trustee, he/she is one of a board of five and, unless authorized by a majority vote of the Board, should avoid situations where the individual Trustee appears to be speaking or acting on behalf of the entire Board.
      2. The Trustee is positioned to leverage connections with counterpart organizations and/or individuals in the country to be visited.
      3. The Trustee’s knowledge of the culture and language of the country(ies) to be visited will be an important asset to achieve policy or the operational goals.
      4. The Trustee’s presence enhances the desired outcome associated with the goals and objectives of the project.
    3. Executive Staff considers the request, based on the criteria above and the availability of non-state revenue to fund trustee travel, and makes a recommendation to the President.
    4. If Executive Staff supports the proposal, the President may, forward his/her recommendation to the Board.
    5. Funding must come from local contract funds or the Highline College Foundation’s restricted funds to support international initiatives.
  4. Nothing in the above should be construed as prohibiting Board activity, on the College’s behalf, during international travel that is funded through personal or non-college sources.

Reviewed and updated, January 18, 2018
Chair, Debrena Jackson Gandy
Vice Chair, Bob Roegner
Member, Dan Altmayer
Member, Fred Mendoza
Member, Sili Savusa

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