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Code of Ethics

The Highline College Trustees will set the ethical tone for their institution through both their personal conduct and their institutional leadership. 

Each trustee will adhere to the highest ethical standards and promote the ethical development of the college community at large.

To achieve these goals, the trustees should support and encourage active ethical reflection, dialogue, and principled conduct among themselves, the president, administrators, faculty, staff, students, and the community at large.

While no code of ethics alone can guarantee ethical behavior, the values and principles set forth in this code of ethics are intended to guide trustees in carrying out their duties.  The trustees recognize their responsibilities and pledge to work together. 

A conflict of interest may exist if a trustee, or a member of his family, has an existing or potential financial or other interest which impairs or might reasonably appear to impair such member’s independent, unbiased judgment in the discharge of his or her responsibilities to the College, or a conflict of interest may exist if a Trustee or a member of his family is an officer, director, employee, member, partner, Trustee or controlling stockholder of an organization that has such existing or potential financial or other interest.

The trustees also recognize that as state officers, the trustees are subject to the Ethics in Public Service Act (the “Act”), chapter 42.52 RCW.  The Highline College Trustees’ Code of Ethics is intended to supplement the Act’s requirements and is not intended to substitute or replace the Act.  If any provision of the Highline College Trustees’ Code of Ethics requires action that conflicts with the Act, the Act’s provisions shall prevail.

Reviewed and updated, January 18, 2018
Chair, Debrena Jackson Gandy
Vice Chair, Bob Roegner
Member, Dan Altmayer
Member, Fred Mendoza
Member, Sili Savusa

Highline College Board of Trustees

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