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Calendar for Reports and Actions for Meetings

The Board has eleven regular meetings each year. Two of these meetings are typically devoted to reviewing and evaluating the President’s performance. In addition, the Board typically schedules one retreat annually for planning with the Executive Staff. Typical standing agenda items for each regularly scheduled Board meeting include:


  • New officers begin terms
  • Accreditation Update
  • Board Self Evaluation
  • Annual retreat
  • Mission Fulfillment Report review


  • No meeting


  • Trustee and President’s Goals/Discussion/Adoption for Upcoming Year
  • Budget Final Report for previous year
  • System legislative review
  • Labor agreement action (in years with new contract)


  • Review and evaluate President’s performance in Executive Session


  • First Quarter Financial Reports (through September)


  • Board Meeting Dates for the Upcoming Year Approval


  • Tenure process discussion
  • Legislative advocacy and priorities


  • Second Quarter Financial Reports (through December)
  • Tenure Recommendations Action


  • Preliminary evaluation and review of President’s performance in Executive Session


  • Legislative update


  • Third Quarter Financial Reports (through March)
  • Budget Planning Report
  • Presentation of Student & Activities Budget
  • Tenure Recommendations for Out of Sequence Candidates
  • Legislative Update
  • Board members submit president’s evaluation form to Board Chair for discussion at June meeting


  • Budget review and final action
  • Student & Activities Budget final action
  • President’s annual report of goals and accomplishments
  • President’s Evaluation and Salary Review and consideration of Contract proposal
  • Election of Board officers for the next year

Reviewed and updated, January 18, 2018
Chair, Debrena Jackson Gandy
Vice Chair, Bob Roegner
Member, Dan Altmayer
Member, Fred Mendoza
Member, Sili Savusa

Highline College Board of Trustees

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