June 12, 2008





Chairperson Action item

Preliminary Budget 2008-2009

Resolution 74-08 Pertaining to Authorization to Expend Funds

Resolution 75-08 Pertaining to International Student Program Contract

Services and Activities Budget 2008-2009

Commencement activities


MaST Fundraising and Grand Opening

China Update

Summit Program



The Study Session adjourned at 9:58 am.




Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 10:10 a.m.


Roll Call

Members Present:                              Mike Regeimbal

                                                            Elizabeth Chen

Ed Davila


Attorney General Representative:       Derek Edwards



The request was made to entertain the action items first on the agenda.



Action Items





Upon the resignation of Karen Vander Ark as Chair, Mike Regeimbal, currently Vice Chairperson was named Chair of the Board of Trustees, effective immediately.







Resolution 74-08 Pertaining to Authorization to Expend Funds:






(Pertaining to Authorization to Expend Funds)


Whereas, the new fiscal year will begin on July 1, 2008, and


WHEREAS, a final determination of the budget will not be made prior to the date of the June 12, 2008, Community College District 9 Board of Trustee’s meeting, and


            WHEREAS, students have enrolled for summer session that will begin on

June 23, 2008, and


            WHEREAS, the disruption of planned and scheduled activities could seriously hamper the College’s operations for the 2008-2009 College year,


            THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Trustees authorizes the President of Highline Community College and his designees to expend funds beginning July 1, 2008, to meet College needs at the same rate as in the 2007-08 approved budget, or as specifically authorized by legislative action to take effect July 1, 2008.  This authorization expires on October 15, 2008, or upon the date the Board passes the motion to adopt the final budget for 2008-2009, if the Board’s action on the budget precedes October 15, 2008.


            PASSED BY THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES this 12th day of June, 2008





            State of Washington







Chair                          Mike Regeimbal





Member                      Elizabeth Chen


I, Jack Bermingham, Secretary to the


Board of Trustees of Community College


District 9 State of Washington, do hereby

Member                               Ed Davila

certify that the above is a true and


accurate copy of Resolution 74-08 for the


use and purpose intended.










             Secretary to the Board






It was moved and seconded to approve Resolution 74-08, Pertaining to the Authorization to Expend Funds.  The motion carried.


A copy of Resolution 74-08 Pertaining to the Authorization to Expend Funds is filed with the official minutes in the President’s Office.





It was moved by Ed Davila and seconded by Elizabeth Chen to approve the 2008-2009 Student and Activities Budget.  The motion carried.





Resolution 75-08:  Pertaining to the International Student Programs Contract.







(Pertaining to International Student Programs Contract)


WHEREAS, the Highline Community College District #9 (“College”) is committed to achieving an internationally integrated educational environment, and

WHEREAS, the College is attracting greater numbers of international students, and

            WHEREAS, the College continues to experience enrollment growth in excess of its state supported student allocation; and

            WHEREAS, state law and the policies and procedures of the State Board of Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC) permit the establishment of contractual instructional programs for international students; and

            WHEREAS, the College reclassified its international students as state supported nonresident students in 2006 because it did not at that time comply with the SBCTC’s requirements for international contract programs; and

            WHEREAS, the College intends to comply with the SBCTC’s revised policies and procedures for such programs;

 THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Trustees of Highline Community College #9 as follows:

Section 1.  The College has determined that it is not financially viable to serve international students within its limited state-supported student allocation.

Section 2.  The College should proceed to provide classes or programs for international students with shared funding from a cooperating agency or organization as authorized by RCW 28b.50.140 (17) and WAC 131-32-020.

               PASSED by the Board of Trustees this 12th day of June, 2008, and signed by me in open session in authentication of its passage this 12th day of June, 2008.




            State of Washington





Chair                          Mike Regeimbal





Member                      Elizabeth Chen


I, Jack Bermingham, Secretary to the


Board of Trustees of Community College


District 9 State of Washington, do hereby

Member                               Ed Davila

certify that the above is a true and


accurate copy of Resolution 75-08 for the


use and purpose intended.






             Secretary to the Board




It was moved by Elizabeth Chen and seconded by Ed Davila to approve  Resolution 75-08 Pertaining to the International Student Programs contract.  The motion carried.


A copy of Resolution 75-08 Pertaining to the International Student Programs contract is filed with the official minutes in the President’s Office.



Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the Regular Meeting of May 8, 2008, and Special Meeting Minutes of

April 21, 2008, April 22, 2008, April 24, 2008, April 28, 2008, April 29, 2008, May 1, 2008,

May 2, 2008, and May 6, 2008 were approved.





Dr. Bermingham announced that last time that Barbara Clinton had introduced a number of our Award winners, one of them was unable to attend.  Since that time this individual has accumulated another award.  Barbara Clinton then introduced Joseph Burnett, who recently was announced as the Jack Cooke Kent Scholarship Award Winner.  Barbara explained that this scholarship is the most lucrative scholarship for a transfer student.  She said it is an interesting process as the criteria calls for the “renaissance person.”  She said that in addition to areas of academic achievement in math and science, this particular scholarship also looks for someone who has exhibited excellence in an artistic field.  She invited everyone to view the internet site of josephburnett.com to see his fine work in photography.  He is an ex-marine, formerly stationed in Kuwait, Jerusalem, East Timor, and Santiago and his work reflects that.  He is one of 46 students awarded this scholarship nationally, and will be studying at Tufts University next year, pursuing the field of computer science and international relations.  She expressed her enthusiasm for Joseph in that he is student who truly enjoys studying.  Barbara Clinton then requested that Joseph address the Board with a few remarks. 

Joseph said that over the last few months he realized that he would be leaving Highline and the West Coast very soon and thought how quickly the time had passed.  He felt rewarded by the amazing relationships he had acquired during his time here and that it would be difficult to leave.  He said that Tufts has a lot to live up to.  Dr. Davila asked if he had any words of advice for other students about what kept him going.  He said it would be a good idea to drive them to Barbara Clinton’s office!  He added that students should make use of the excellent counseling services the college has to offer.  He suggested to any student who is having problems, “Go and get the help you need.”



Standing Reports


Associated Students of Highline Community College

Student Body President, Steven Simpkins reported.


  • Steve Simpkins wished to thank the Board of Trustees for an incredible year and said how much he had enjoyed his year as President of the Associated Students.
  • He introduced the new President, Lance Frank, the new Vice President, Kelli Tracey and the Speaker of the Caucuses, Raquel Carrillo.


Mike Regeimbal stated that Steve had been a great asset to the college and very enjoyable to work with.  He wished him the best and looked forward to working with all the new student government leaders.


Dr. Bermingham expressed his thanks to Steve, as well.  He said that there have been a number of great student leaders in the past but Steve had accomplished one very important thing in that he had really made the most of his opportunities.  He said that Steve had been an articulate representative of the college and offered a great perspective.  He added that Steve had had an enormous presence on the campus and off campus as well.  He has served as the “best of us.”  In many regards, Dr. Bermingham indicated that Steve has been a unique leader in that he saw a number of his experiences should be continued for those in the future.  So some of his experiences will be “institutionalized” which becomes a great legacy.  Barbara Clinton added that Steve has been a phenomenal example for other student leaders.  She said that sometimes students become entranced with their own leadership and lose sight of their personal goals.  But that Steve, who was leaving with a

3.9 GPA in addition to this valuable legacy for others was quite an accomplishment.


Dr. Chen added her thanks to Barbara Clinton for mentoring all these bright young minds, and wished Steve the best.  She added that he should know that everyone was very proud of him.


Washington Public Employees Association

Lydia Bracco was unavailable for this meeting, as she was assisting in the preparations for the Faculty and Staff Spring Luncheon event.


Highline College Education Association

Ruth Windhover reported.


  • Ruth wished to express her appreciation to Marie Zimmermann for her leadership as Vice President for Academic Affairs.  She wished her the best and hoped she would have lots of fun in her future.
  • Ruth also welcomed Jeff Wagnitz into his new position and Rolita Ezeonu into her new role, as Dean for Transfer and Pre-College Education.  She also offered her congratulations to Toni Castro in her new title as Vice President, Student Services.  The contract contains a process for replacement of Vice Presidents so when a permanent Vice President is being chosen, the HCEA looks forward to participating in that process.
  • The former relationship between HCEA and administration in contract negotiations has been positive in that the heart of the issue can be found in communications and collaborations between faculty and administration.  An important factor at Highline is in the close relationship with Student Services which certainly benefits students and the faculty as well.  This makes the job of the faculty so much more effective.  Ruth wished to recognize Toni for her excellent work in this area.
  •  Ruth wished to offer her special appreciation to Mary Averett for her important contributions through her leadership in her role as Dean, Extended Learning.  While that important instructional function at the college is not of a central union concern, certainly the HCEA has recognized its importance to Highline students and the community as a whole.
  • In closing the process for the Presidential Search Advisory Committee, Ruth suggested that a debriefing take place, as it had during the last presidential search, to allow for a discussion and comments from the Faculty.  She expressed the hopes that this could take place soon.
  • Ruth said she had attended the State Board meeting in Wenatchee and was pleased that the Board appeared to agree to the budget request basically in the way it had been written.  The Task force compensation committee will have one more meeting in July.  Faculty compensation was requested in terms of full funding for increments and that has been put into the maintenance budget, so it will not have to come back for Legislative approval each time.  They are moving closer for the Part Time Faculty toward full time equity salaries, and apparently there will be some funding from the State Board to assist with this measure.  Ruth added that most importantly perhaps, faculty salary levels were closer to the global challenge states’ criteria.  The State Board request would move toward accomplishing this and would require an average of 12% increase.  Allocations for exempt staff were also mentioned which are currently in a gap.  Additionally, it was hoped that the cost of living adjustment for exempt staff would be brought up to the same level as faculty.  Ruth expressed her wishes that TACTC would vigorously support all these requests for both faculty and staff.


Faculty Senate

Ruth Frickle reported.


  • Ruth noted that the Faculty Senate wrapped up the year by approving the Education direct transfer degree.  She added that the Senate, in reviewing some of the difficulties that Running Start students are having in academic probation, a new program would be implemented for advising for those students most at risk.  This would involve some faculty sign-off and mid-term reports.
  • Elections of Officers for next year included Buzz Wheeler from Paralegal, who was elected as Vice Chairman, Gloria Rose Koepping from Counseling was re-elected as Secretary, and Tim McMannon from History was elected as Senator at Large.
  • She added that next year the Faculty Senate would be looking at college governance.




No report was presented to the Board to accommodate the time constraints of commencement ceremonies in the afternoon.









Marie Zimmerman reported.


  • Marie wished to congratulate Ruth Windhover and Helen Hoffman in their participation in the Study Abroad program.  Ruth will be involved in the study of the culture of the Incas in Peru.
  • Highline will be joining a multi organizational partnership on a grant-funded project to work with youth offenders who are 14 to 21 years of age.  Areas of focus in this mentorship will be life skills training and counseling.


Institutional Advancement

Lisa Skari reported.


  • Lisa wished to highlight the Ambassador Program.  Students had formerly gone to other schools in outreach activities promoting Highline’s programs and she wished to revitalize this effort.  Rashad Norris and Tanisha Williams will be working with students over the summer to implement this program.


General Administration

Larry Yok reported.


  • Larry discussed new opportunities to focus on working with the Des Moines community and with South King County Rescue.  Recently, the NIMS mid-level training for Emergency Management took place which included both Highline personnel and Des Moines police and city staff members which was very helpful and is expected to enhance positive working relationships.
  • The training opportunities will continue with this partnership in August during a lockdown training in Building 25 which will give everyone a chance to see how our personnel perform under mock emergency situations.  The scenario is based upon an armed individual in the Building.  Larry expressed his thanks to Dr. Bermingham for his leadership in supporting this training activity, as not all educational institutions have been so supportive at top levels.  This is considered an especially important activity since we would be eligible for FEMA funding under an emergency situation if we are certified through completion of this training.


Student Services

Toni Castro reported.

·         Toni expressed her congratulations to Natasha Burrowes.  Natasha has been elected to the Seattle King County Human Rights Commission. 

·         She also congratulated the cohort of graduates for Highline’s 2008 commencement and expressed her pleasure in attending the many award ceremonies including the International Student Programs, the Achieve Program, the Nurses’ Pinning Ceremony, and the Puget Sound Early College ceremony.  Toni acknowledged the work of Jeff Wagnitz with the Early College group.

·         A student success story for June can be found in the history of Elmira Uzairova.  He has had a number of financial struggles, but overcame these obstacles for himself and his family and finally progressed through many classes into the Phlebotomy program.  He has now been offered a full time working position, and is seeing the rewards of his accomplishments.



President’s Remarks 


Dr. Bermingham wished to invite everyone to join the Faculty and Spring luncheon as a special end-of-the-year award event.  This includes the recognition of the Distinguished Alumnus for 2008, the Faculty of the Year, Employee of the Year, and recognition of our Retirees.  Dr. Bermingham wished to offer his congratulations to Marie Zimmermann in her retirement, but added that he was pleased that she will still be joining us for the July meeting.  Jeff Wagnitz, as the new Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs will also attend.  Dr. Bermingham also expressed his thanks to Mary Averett for all her work at the college, and again recognized the work of Toni Castro and congratulated her in the title of Vice President.   


In closing, Dr. Bermingham wished to thank Alice Madsen for all her work on the Summit Program.  Twenty students from Egypt will be arriving very shortly for a summer program.


Lastly, Dr. Bermingham wished to thank Ruth Windhover for all her efforts in supporting the faculty and the college.  In addition to her role as the statewide representative for HCEA, she has always taken on a list of activities whether in supporting faculty issues, staff issues, or student issues.  He said that we owe a debt of gratitude to Ruth on behalf of all community college faculty and students.



Unscheduled business



New Business




The meeting was adjourned at 11:00 a.m.


Next Regularly Scheduled Meeting of the Board of Trustees

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Trustees will be on July 10, 2008.





Mike Regeimbal, Chair                                                Jack Bermingham, Secretary