COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT 9                          

Des Moines, Washington                               




June 12, 2008


               8:00 a.m.      Study Session             Building 25                  Room 411

              10:00 a.m.     Meeting                        Building 25                  Board Room


1.     Call to Order


2.     Action Item

            a. Motion to name Chairperson


3.     Roll Call


  4.   Approve Minutes of Regular Meeting of May 8, 2008, and Special Meeting Minutes of

        April 21, 2008, April 22, 2008, April 24, 2008, April 28, 2008, April 29, 2008, May 1, 2008,

        May 2, 2008, and May 6, 2008.


  5.   Correspondence 


  6.   Standing Reports:

            a. Associated Students of Highline Community College        Steven Simpkins, President

            b. Washington Public Employees’ Association                      Lydia Bracco, Chief Job Rep.

            c. Highline College Education Association                              Ruth Windhover, President

            d. Faculty Senate                                                                    Ruth Frickle, Chairman


7.  Action Items

b. Resolution 74-08 Pertaining to Authorization to

      Expend Funds                                                                   Larry Yok

c. 2008-2009 Student Activities (S&A) Budget Approval        Toni Castro

d. Resolution 75-08 Pertaining to International Student

      Programs Contract                                                           Jack Bermingham


8. Area Reports

                 Instruction                                                                   Marie Zimmermann

                 Institutional Advancement                                           Lisa Skari

                 General Administration                                               Larry Yok

                 Student Services                                                        Toni Castro


  9.   President’s Remarks


 10.  Discussion


 11.  Unscheduled Business

        Persons wishing to testify must sign up and limit testimony to three minutes.


 12.  New Business


13.  Adjournment




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