March 13, 2008





Executive Session


Executive Session was called at 8:02 am for the purpose of discussion of an issue related to real estate.  Executive Session adjourned at 8:20 am.


The Study Session continued at 8:20 am and the following topics were discussed:


Second Quarter Financial Reports

Washington State Audit

Legislative Update

Emergency Plan


Board Discussion


The Study Session adjourned at 9:50 am.




Call to Order

Karen Vander Ark, Chair, called the meeting to order at 10:05 a.m.


Roll Call

Members Present:                              Karen Vander Ark

                                                            Elizabeth Chen

                                                            Mike Regeimbal


It was noted that Rita Creighton and Dr. Ed Davila were absent from the meeting.


Attorney General Representative:       Derek Edwards



Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees on February 14, 2008 were approved.




Marie Zimmermann, Acting Interim President in Dr. Bermingham’s absence, introduced Jack Kniskern, former member of the Board of Trustees, who offered a report on the activities of Zhao Lan, our recent visitor from China.  He expressed that a highlight for Zhao Lan was her trip to Olympia in which she participated in three appointments: the meeting with Senator Karen Keiser, Lt. Governor Brad Owen, and with State Board Director for Community and Technical Colleges, Charles Earl.  Each was enthusiastic in their meetings and Mr. Kniskern felt that Zhao Lan made an excellent presentation in her interest of further developing trade relationships with China.  The possibility of a trade mission was discussed in the meeting with Senator Karen Keiser.  It was projected that this mission might be scheduled for May, 2009.  Her meeting with Lt. Governor Owen lasted about 45 minutes, and he was also positive about developing plans for a trade mission.  Mr. Kniskern also submitted a written report of his thoughts on Zhao Lan’s stay to Marie Zimmermann for Dr. Bermingham.



Standing Reports


Associated Students of Highline Community College

Student Body President, Steven Simpkins reported.


  • Steve indicated that Winter Quarter has been filled with activities and Spring Quarter looks to be a real powerhouse as well.
  • Steve remarked that he really enjoyed his trip to Washington DC and the opportunities to accompany Dr. Bermingham and Raegan Copeland on a number of visits to legislative offices.  He accompanied Dr. Bermingham on visits to the offices of Representative Adam Smith, Senators McDermott, and Cantwell, and was most enthusiastic about his visit with Mr. Sedlins at the State Department in which he spoke of the contributions that the International Students had made to student activities and programs at Highline.
  • The sightseeing activities of Washington DC were also a major highlight of Steve’s trip.
  • The third phase of the International Leadership Summit is underway with Diah Adinata taking a leadership role.
  • A new program is being hosted by Highline called the Legislative Voice Academy.  It will offer students from all across the state an opportunity to learn how to write initiatives for the legislative process.
  • Upcoming events are the Spring Club Fair on April 3rd, the Battle of the Bands event on May 2nd, Pacific Islander week starting on May 5, and the Spring Fest and Career Fair later on the 16th of May.
  • The Friends of Bosnia recently held a very successful community event and sold over 300 tickets to their celebration of International Women’s Day.
  • The Health and Job Fair was a success last week, organized by the Medical Assistants, Nursing, and Respiratory Therapy Clubs.
  • Also in May, the Environmental Club will be celebrating Earth Day.


Dr. Elizabeth Chen offered her congratulations to Steve and expressed her delight in the opportunity he had with all the visits he had made in Washington DC.  She expressed that these experiences would serve him well in the future.


Washington Public Employees Association

Lydia Bracco was unavailable for this meeting and will update the Board at the April meeting.







Faculty Senate

Ruth Frickle reported.


  • Ruth Frickle reported on the most recent meeting of the Faculty Senate.  She explained that Jeff Wagnitz presented the most recent information regarding the State Board’s position on Common Course Numbering, and requested the Senate to pass a resolution to proceed with this proposal.
  • Ruth explained that earlier, the Faculty Senate had voted against the adoption of Common Course Numbering, but now decided in its favor and would consider a resolution to that effect during its next meeting.


Update on Presidential Search Process


Dr. Elizabeth Chen delivered a report for Rita Creighton who was unable to attend the




Highline Community College

President Search Advisory Committee Report Submitted by Rita Creighton, PSAC Chair


March 13, 2008


The PSAC met on Thursday February 21, 2008 with all members and our search consultant in attendance.


The committee members had independently reviewed the application packets from all candidates.  Through a ranking process the candidate field was reduced to a top twelve (12) semi-finalist group.  Two (2) of these twelve have subsequently withdrawn their names from consideration.


The semi-finalists were asked to answer six (6) questions and submit their answers in a DVD (video) format.


The committee will meet on Monday March 17, 2008 to reduce the applicant field to the finalists for the next stop of the process.


Planning for campus visits and interviews is underway.  And the search process is on schedule.


Dr. Chen commented that this was the end of the report.




Small Business Development Center and Community Partnerships


Mary Averett was introduced by Marie Zimmermann to present a report to the Board of Trustees on the Small Business Development Center.  She offered a brief history of the partnership in the community and its development.


  • Dr. Averett explained she came to Highline five years ago and was very impressed with the collaborative programs that were underway.  She was amazed to see what was known about Highline in the community.
  • The Southwest King County Economic Development Initiative (SKCEDI) was already in place.  It first met in 1998 and Highline joined the organization soon after.  The organization was formalized in 2001.  The organization provides a number of inroads to various groups in the community and it also allows Highline an opportunity to interact with community partnerships for specific purposes.
  • SKCEDI has a steering committee on which Dr. Bermingham now serves.  As the decision makers from these locales, this provides an excellent opportunity for monetary commitments for specific purposes.  The Small Business Center would not be thriving here if it were not for SKCEDI and the grants they have brought to this Center.  Some of the collaborating partners are not always key players, but are called upon for specific areas.
  • A good example of the type of support Highline has received is the assistance that SKCEDI was able to provide in obtaining support letters for Legislative Initiatives.  There was a very short lead time, and we were able to have the letters faxed to Washington DC before the deadline.
  • Another example is the Seattle Southside Initiative news insert which advertised Highline.  This marketing piece came from the efforts of SKCEDI.  Since that time, additional articles have been published about the College and its programs.


Dr. Averett was asked whether Federal Way was a member of SKCEDI.  She replied that they did not initially join the organization, but they were a part of the Small Business Center.  She said the service area is a bit complex and truncated, as they are trying to cover an area which crosses jurisdictions.  Kent and Auburn have their own economic development organizations.  Tukwila, Kent, and SeaTac also have another small group.  Dr. Averett said that the SBDC is thoughtful about the jurisdictions, but is still trying to cover what is appropriate.  She said the motto of “Educating people:  One business at a time” is a good description.


Dr. Averett then introduced Zev Siegl.  Mr. Siegl has been at Highline for four years.  She said he is really responsible for building the Center and has really promoted its services.


·         Mr. Siegl is located in Building 99 which is pretty effective in the area as it also serves to assist in Outreach.  The SBDC receives around 80 emails a day, and can be reached at SBCD@highline.edu.

·         Business owners often hear about the Center and about Highline through the internet, and also by referrals from other businesses. Mr. Siegl explained that a lot of traffic comes through the website of www.sba.gov  and within 4 clicks, the Highline site will appear.

·         Mr. Siegl carries out a lot of outreach activities, such as speaking at Rotary Clubs and other such organizations.  Often if a small business needs to refinance, or get a loan, the Center can provide resource information to assist them.  In some instances, if this could be a high impact to the community, Mr. Siegl will try to meet with them immediately.

·         Issues that come up for small businesses are often in categories of marketing, direction the business is headed, volume, or maybe Human Resources.

·         Mr. Siegl also presented several case histories of businesses that have benefited from assistance at the SBDC in order to offer a picture of what the Center has accomplished. 

·         The program receives funding from several sources including the Washington State Small Business Development Center, participating SKCEDI cities, the Port of Seattle and other fundraising efforts. 

·         The type of service provided by the Small Business Development Center is not provided by any other resource.





General Administration

Larry Yok reported.


  • Larry reported that Highline is currently in the process of a new “Request for Proposal” for Food Services.  This can pose a challenge for a college in responding to the variety of cultures, tastes, and cost.  An added challenge is to create a proposal that will attract more than one bidder.  Advertising will go out this week and we hope to be completed by May.
  • The current Food Services contract ends on July 31st.



Student Services

Toni Castro reported.


  • Toni announced that Spring registration and advising is currently underway and the reminder cards have been sent for early registration for those who have been admitted to the college, but not yet registered, encouraging them to register early.
  • Winter Quarter enrollment was strong at 9500.
  • Many exciting new events are taking place.  There is the Grand Opening of the Leadership Resource Center which is a very impressive area.  A local artist created the mural.
  • Last Friday we held the 6th Annual High School Conference.  Over 125 students took tours, visited classes, and were introduced to the admissions process.
  • A former student, Choklate, was the keynote speaker who recently held a local performance in Renton.  She was invited to perform at Jazz Alley and is planning an East Coast Tour. She was the 2004 Highline Community College Student Body President.
  • Student Affairs recruited Heather Brett who will have a liaison with the PE and Health Education Division.  She recently completed her Masters degree and has a Bachelors degree from Gonzaga.
  • A new Running Start Advisor, Ekkarath Sisavatdy, has been hired. He has his BA from Western University and will focus on retention services.  He is active in the Laotian community and as a real bonus, is a trained Sushi Chef.
  • Jean Munro, our retention services program coordinator has been invited to participate in the City of Des Moines Human Services Committee.
  • Kelly Tracey is the student success story of the month.  She came to Highline from Thomas Jefferson High School and is in the Running Start Program.  She was active in the Giving Tree program and is currently the Services and Activities Chair.  She works in the Office of Academic Affairs and carries a 3.4 grade point average.  Toni expressed that Kelly is sure to have a very bright future.
  • Toni will be in Yakima during the next meeting attending the Washington State All Student Services Conference.




Mary Averett reported for Marie Zimmerman.


  • Mary reported that she wished to take this opportunity to continue speaking a little on Outreach, as these activities are very important to Continuing Education.
  • She wished to highlight the E4 Earmark which will be the first year that Highline has been able to benefit from this funding.  This will broaden the abilities to outreach to the immigrant community surrounding Highline.  The Entrepreneurship funding will help as an adjunct program to the SBDC.
  • United Way put out a publication on partnerships and used Highline Community College as one of its case studies on partnerships.  This came out of the efforts of Jeff Wagnitz and others in the partnership with Para Los Niños.
  • The Center for Extended Learning is offering training activities for employees, and has been very effective in its Spanish programs.
  • Highline is also a leader in the I-Best programs.  The State Superintendent for Public Instruction requested Highline’s participation in working with the Skills Center to provide ESL teaching and other programs in Professional Technical Fields.
  • It was also noted that Continuing Education is mandated by the Community College system.  Formerly, it was funded by the State, but that is no longer the case.  It is hoped that recognition of the importance of these programs will assist them to continue.



Institutional Advancement

Lisa Skari reported.


  • Lisa announced that April will be the month of visits to Highline.
  • April 21-22 (Achieve the Dream Initiative)

This event will focus not only on some barriers to success that colleges have faced, but success stories as well.

  • April 14-15 (Accreditation Interim Evaluation Visit)
  • April 9 (CSPAN campaign bus visiting Highline from 9am until 11am)

Jason Prenovost will be working with student services for all the preparations for the CSPAN bus visit.



Highline College Education Association

Ruth Windhover reported.


Ruth began her report with an update from the Legislative Session.  She said that the Legislature did grant approval to the I-732 faculty and classified Staff at technical colleges one-half of one percent above the COLA.  Today, an average faculty member makes about $50,000, so she was mutedly enthusiastic about this increase. .  This small increment was one of two Legislative items.


Ruth indicated that soon the Trustees will have an opportunity to speak to the salary issue in the Legislative meetings and hoped that they would be supportive of an increase.  She said the State Board does have staff looking at this and that they would be bringing it to the Legislature.  Though Highline Community College is in the upper quartile of the system, it still does not bode well for future recruitment.


Ruth went on to state that the present climate of the faculty was not good.  She said there is uncertainty in the leadership of the future which is exacerbated by the upcoming contract negotiations in 2009.  She mentioned there were concerns regarding the Executive Staff.  She added this uncertainty will erode some of the former collegiality in the contract information.  The HCEA will also be negotiating with the new chief negotiator for the college, Larry Yok, and this will also add uncertainty to the process.  Ruth went on to implore the Board to make a decision as soon as possible.


Dr. Chen responded that the search process is underway and that this uncertainty should only be temporary.  She added that they would make certain that the new president would be aware of the culture at Highline.


Ruth Windhover added that basically the HCEA contract was a five-year contract and at this point, the HCEA was operating on a four-year old contract, and this could extend the process into a lengthy one.


Dr. Chen responded that Ruth’s concerns were clearly heard.



Unscheduled business



New Business




The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 a.m.


Next Regularly Scheduled Meeting of the Board of Trustees

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Trustees will be on April 10, 2008.







Karen Vander Ark, Chair                                             Jack Bermingham, Interim Secretary