September 13, 2007





Executive Session:  (Executive Session was held from 8:03 am until 9:30 am to discuss the performance of a public employee and issues related to real estate.)

Board Discussion

Summer Enrollment

Preliminary Budget for 2007-2008

Update on MaST Funding

Update on Federal Way City Center





Call to Order

Karen Vander Ark, Chair, called the meeting to order at 10:15 a.m.



Roll Call

Members Present:                              Karen Vander Ark

                                                            Mike Regeimbal

                                                            Rita Creighton

                                                            Elizabeth Chen

                                                            Edward Davila


Attorney General Representative:       Derek Edwards




Approval of Minutes

The Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees on July 12, 2007 and the minutes

of the Special Meetings of the Board of Trustees on the dates of July 11, 2007, July 23, 2007 and August 30, 2007 were approved.  The minutes of the meeting of August 23, 2007 were dismissed as a quorum of the Board of Trustees was not present and the meeting was considered unofficial.


Please note a correction in the letter to the Board of Trustees dated September 6, 2007 from Dr. Bermingham.  Representative Zack Hudgkins name was incorrectly spelled as Jack Hudgkins.









  • Dr. Jack Bermingham introduced Highline Student Body President, Steven Simpkins and presented him with a framed certificate from the Coca Cola Foundation.  Steve’s recognition for student leadership also came with a monetary award of $1,000.


  • Dr. Jack Bermingham also introduced Kathleen Hasselblad, Director of International Programs.  Dr. Bermingham spoke briefly of the Summit Program sponsoring the 16 students.  These students are at Highline participating in either the hospitality/tourism program or in the engineering program.  Kathleen Hasselblad discussed what the students were learning in their first few weeks at Highline in adapting to living in the Northwest, and then asked each of the students to introduce themselves and to talk a little bit about their background and the country they came from.  The students were from Indonesia, Pakistan, Turkey, Egypt, and South Africa. They are:  Atif Umar, Daud George, Khan Rubina Qadeem, Mehwish Chishti, Nadia Sana, Charles Motsoko, Collen Lebogang Hehaha, Diah Tri Hastuti, Imran, Izach Wopari, Josia Sebothoma, Leo Wijaya, Lesetja Glenda Lekgadimane, Meltem Ulupinar, Shady Samy Aziz Hanna, and Shoaib Arshed.   Many students expressed their enthusiasm for participating in this program and hoped to bring back what they learn to their own countries and to be able to create more opportunities for others where they live.


Board member Rita Creighton expressed her thanks to the students for sharing their thoughts and indicated that we would be equally fortunate to be able to learn about their cultures during their stay at Highline and would enrich our understanding of other cultures as well.


Dr. Chen advised the students never to be afraid to ask questions.  She spoke of her own experiences when she first arrived in the United States and felt that asking questions was essential to really understanding the program and others.


  • Dr. Bermingham also wished to make a public announcement concerning the recognition of Lisa Skari by the Business Examiner Newspaper Group.  Lisa was selected as a 2007 Rising Star by the judges of the 5th annual Women of Influence Recognition Awards.  An Awards ceremony is scheduled for September 19 at the downtown Tacoma Convention and Trade Center.





Associated Students of Highline Community College

Student Body President, Steven Simpkins reported. 


  • Steve said he was honored to represent Highline’s students as their President this year, as a nontraditional student.  He spoke of some activities that he would like to emphasize this year such as the Caucus program.  He said there would be four sessions hosted by Isaac Cameron, Speaker of the Caucuses that would hopefully inspire students to be more active.  He also said that Phi Theta Kappa has set a goal to be a 5-Star Chapter this year and invited everyone to check the link on the website to view those activities. 
  • Steve reported on his attendance at the Council for Unions and Student Programs retreat. This Leadership conference was held in Wenatchee with training sessions starting on September 5th.  Steve said that additional training sessions will continue throughout the two weeks before school starts.
  • Many activities are planned for Thunderweek, the first week of classes starting on September 24th.  Each day will have a different focus along with social activities and the annual Fall Quarter Club Fair to encourage students to get involved in clubs and community events.


Mike Regeimbal asked Steve to speak about his background and to describe some of his future plans.  Steve spoke of coming to Highline as a life change, and how Jonathan Brown got him interested in student leadership activities.  Steve plans on getting a double Master’s Degree in nursing and global health and is interested in epidemiology and world health concerns.


Washington Public Employees Association

Jeff Grogan reported for Lydia Bracco.  Jeff explained that due to the short summer quarter there was no report for the September meeting.


Highline College Education Association

Ruth Windhover reported.


·      Ruth will be giving a presentation next week to the Professional/Technical Advisory

Committee members as the featured speaker at the event.  She will be addressing some of the problems due to the cutbacks in higher education which will result in limited efforts to provide access.  She will also be talking about this issue at other upcoming events. 

·      Ruth also recently attended a Higher Education retreat in Chelan.  She was informed about what was happening at other colleges around the State and said she is always pleased to be able to talk about the accomplishments at Highline Community College.


Faculty Senate

No report.











a.  Resolution 73-07 Pertaining to the Transfer of Referendum 37 Property









(Pertaining to the Transfer of Referendum 37 Property)


            WHEREAS, the Legislature authorized Highline Community College and other public agencies to apply for and purchase real property to allow non-profit corporations to provide services to individuals with mental and physical disabilities, and


            WHEREAS, the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges in 1981 approved Highline Community College’s request to purchase such property and the College did so, and


            WHEREAS, Highline Community College has been leasing this property, commonly known as the Christine Minard Group Home at 4034 South 166th Street, SeaTac, Washington, (legal description attached and hereafter referred to as “the property”) to Integrated Living Services, a Washington non-profit corporation, since 1981 to provide services for individuals with physical or mental disabilities as provided in chapters 43.99C and 43.83D RCW; and


            WHEREAS, the Laws of 2006, Chapter 35, (the “Legislation”) authorize the transfer of real property and facilities acquired, constructed, or otherwise improved in accordance with chapters 43.99C and 43.83D RCW to nonprofit corporations organized to provide services for individuals with physical or mental disabilities in exchange for the promise to use the real property and facilities for the purpose of providing and continually operating on site certain limited programs benefiting the public as designated by the Department of Social and Health Services; and


            WHEREAS, Legislation provides that the provision of such services in the private sector confers a valuable benefit on the public that constitutes consideration for the transfer of real property and facilities; and


            WHEREAS, the Integrated Living Services is an eligible private nonprofit corporation under the Legislation; and


            WHEREAS, the Highline Community College now desires to transfer said real property to Integrated Living Services in accordance with the terms and conditions of RCW 43.99C.070,


            NOW, THEREFORE, the Highline Community College Board of Trustees requests the Department of General Administration, Buildings, Grounds & Real Estate Services, as agent for the College and the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges to transfer this property to Integrated Living Services, subject to the conditions and terms specified in RCW 43.99C.070, Laws of 2006, Chapter 35, § 2.



            It was moved by Mike Regeimbal and seconded by Elizabeth Chen that Resolution 73-07 (Pertaining to the Transfer of Referendum 37 Property) be approved.


            The motion carried.


A copy of Resolution 73-07 (Pertaining to the Transfer of Referendum 37 Property) is filed with the official minutes in the President’s Office.



Dr. Elizabeth Chen said a number of open forums have been held to gather input from many groups about the qualifications and characteristics desired for the next President of Highline Community College, including a forum for students.


b. Presidential Selection Process


It was moved by Ed Davila and seconded by Rita Creighton that the Highline Community College Board of Trustees conduct a search to select the College president.


Mike Regeimbal voted against the motion.


The motion carried.


Board members expresses that they were thankful for the leadership of Jack Bermingham and hoped that he would be a candidate for the Presidency.  Karen Vander Ark said the forums moved the process into the community and this was the feedback they received.  Board members expressed their hope that all of the candidates would be welcomed at the campus.


Mike Regeimbal said that given that the Board has passed the motion to conduct a search to select the College President, he moved that the Highline Community College Board of Trustees hire a search consultant to assist the Board in the selection process for a College president.


The motion was seconded by Rita Creighton.


The motion passed.



c.   Approval of the 2007-2008 Preliminary Budget


It was moved by Mike Regeimbal and seconded by Elizabeth Chen to approve the 2007-2008 preliminary budget.


The motion carried.


Dr. Ed Davila was excused from the Board meeting at 11:00 am for an office emergency.





Achieving the Dream

Jack Bermingham introduced Jeff Wagnitz, dean of pre-college and transfer programs who gave the report on the Achieving the Dream Initiative.


Jeff explained that Highline Community College has received the approval to move forward on the Achieve the Dream Initiative.  He explained that this involves coaching support and technical assistance and provides a context for what the campus is doing.  This is a national initiative and Highline is in a third tier, so there are a couple of years of prior experience in the program.  College Spark Washington is the local funder, and there are six participating colleges including Big Bend, Yakima Valley, Tacoma, Renton, Seattle Central, and Highline.  There is a wide range of student demographics and program mix. 


The work of this initiative focuses on:

·         Assisting students who traditionally have faced significant barriers to success, including students of color and low income students.

·         Developing a “culture of evidence” that draws on data to identify problems and design interventions.

·         Sustaining a “transformative” – rather than an add-on, “project mentality”- effort that builds on institutional values and existing initiatives.


The first phase is to determine who your students are; to really take a look at the demographics such as the age of the student, race, and ethnicity, which can generate good discussion.  Then there can be a focused view on student success in gatekeeper courses, such as Math 107, Biology 101, etc.  It can be very challenging looking at one phase at a time.  The third phase involves identifying projects.  One area is developmental mathematics.  Pre-algebra and those types of courses have the highest enrollment.  And there is a transition of students from non-credit to credit.  There are a series of reasons for not completing these early courses through the transfer program. 


A question was asked concerning financial aid as a reason for not completing courses.  Jeff explained that Achieve the Dream does not supply any financial aid.


There is a focus on the student group who place three levels below college math and who are below college readiness in at least one other area; perhaps writing or science.  A number of people are working on all these areas.  The Core Team (Steering Team) is made up of Jack Bermingham, Toni Castro, Lisa Skari, Larry Yok, Marie Zimmermann, Jeff Wagnitz, Alice Madsen, Ruth Windhover, Rolita Ezeonu, Jason Ramirez, and Tonya Benton.  A big focus is lead by Larry Yok in the Data Team involved in data mining and analysis.  All of the teams are looking at relationships built by faculty and staff members with students. 


Mike Regeimbal asked about the WASL test and if this has any impact on this initiative.  Jeff Wagnitz said he was not really sure, but does not think that the WASL issues will have an impact on Highline at this time.




Student Services

Toni Castro reported.


  • Toni announced that a very successful workshop was held on August 16 for 350 participants at Highline in which Student Services partnered with the Washington State Board.  The day-long event was titled, “Strategic Enrollment Management Workshop” and featured keynote speaker, Dr. Jim Black.  Toni wished to thank Donna Longwell and Conference Services for all their efforts, as well.
  • In Athletic activities, Toni said that Soccer was now starting up, and Volleyball would start again soon.
  • Opening week begins Tuesday, September 18th with an opening address.  There will also be the Fourth Annual Faculty and Staff of Color and Allies Reception.  New this year will be the “Student Voices” Listening Sessions.  There will be a number of opportunities to hear student presentations on several panels.
  • The first week of the Quarter is Thunderweek.  Activities will be underway to get students involved and the student handbooks will be distributed.
  • Toni also reported on what past student body presidents are doing now.  Last year’s President, Daniel Nordstrom successfully passed his board certification and is presently working at an Everett Clinic in respiratory care. 


It was suggested that Toni pass on the names of these successful students to the Foundation in hopes of creating new donors to the Highline Foundation.



General Administration

Larry Yok reported.


  • Larry reported that there have been a number of challenges in keeping up with new technology on campus and that we have recently replaced 140 computers.  Highline is looking at “green” computers in that they use less electricity. 
  • Sometimes it is not obvious in the facilities area as to how much is accomplished over the summer, but a lot of work has been done in deep cleaning, and with the grounds crew and also, a lot of work in reviewing emergency plans, etc.
  • Also, the Security Staff has a new look.  Highline recently changed the security uniform design to a more informal look.  The intent is to recognize these members of the staff as “safety” officers and not as a policing force.



Marie Zimmermann reported.


  • Marie discussed that a cooperative venture between Administrative Technology and Instructional Computing has brought about a new system to bring us to a single log-on.  She congratulated all who worked on this project, as it is a lot of work to bring all these systems together.
  • The State Board approved Highline’s High Demand Workforce proposal; the third proposal to be funded in two years.
  • Between mid May and the end of August, Jeff Wagnitz and Alice Madsen have filed 13 applications and 6 reports.  This has required a huge effort in management and in tracking and reporting for all these projects.  Only one application that was submitted was not funded this year, and of that proposal will be funded next year. 
  • There have been two faculty retirements:  Jim Gardiner, Professor of Fine Arts since 1966 (also a silver medalist in rowing in the 1966 Olympics), and Larry Blades, Literature Professor for 22 years.
  • Highline has eight new tenured track faculty starting next year.


Institutional Advancement

Lisa Skari reported.


  • The marketing campaigns are well underway and seeing positive results.
  • KSA Communications is holding conference calls to get people together in the various schools participating in the Achieve the Dream project and they have contacts with larger publications like the Chronicle and Washington Post.
  • Next Tuesday, September 18th, the Chief Staffers of the Senate Ways and Means Committee and the Appropriations Committee will visit the campus.  They are interested in our Adult Basic Skills programs and want to talk about the community college’s programs.
  • Lisa introduced a new employee in Institutional Advancement.  Rashad Norris has joined Highline Community College as the new Assistant Director for Outreach Services.  Rashad comes to us from Tacoma Goodwill Industries where he was the STEPS Program Manager which is a program designed to identify, mentor and guide students towards developing and achieving their academic goals. He is a member of several community boards including the Bill and Melinda Gates College Success Foundation, The Greater Pierce County Community Network Committee and the Alliance for Youth Committee. He is a graduate of the University of Puget Sound with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication, and also holds a Masters of Public Administration from Evergreen State College. Rashad said he is looking forward to bringing new ideas and programs to Highline. 


Lisa as asked how the marketing campaign was going with regard to the internet.  Lisa said the web was a very important marketing tool and it was going very well.  The campaigns run through the end of the month.



Elizabeth Chen wanted to thank everyone for all of their hard work and hoped that this would be a wonderful year.


Jack Bermingham discussed some of his meetings while he traveled in South Africa.  He visited six institutions involved in the Summit Project.  The State Department has asked Highline to put together a renewal for this program.  Now there is a need to create a situation in which students will be able to transfer the credits they receive here back to their country.  Highline is making progress in that effort. 

Dr. Bermingham was in contact with Executive Staff meetings while he was traveling through conference calls and kept up to date by phone. 


Dr. Bermingham also wanted to recognize Jeff Wagnitz and many others for all their efforts on the Toyota grant, the High Demand project and also the new $600,000 funding opportunity from the National Science Foundation.



Unscheduled Business



New Business




The meeting was adjourned at 11:55 a.m.



Next Regularly Scheduled Meeting of the Board of Trustees

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Trustees will be October 11, 2007.


              8:00 a.m.       Study Session             Building 25, Room 411

            10:00 a.m.       Meeting                        Building 25, Board Room


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Karen Vander Ark, Chair                                 Jack Bermingham, Ph.D., Interim Secretary