February 15, 2007



Executive Session

Second Quarter Financial Reports

Report on Strategic Initiatives Highlights Fall Quarter

TACTC and Legislative Update

Board Retreat

Africa Projects




Call to Order

Elizabeth Chen, Chair, called the meeting to order at 10:30 a.m. 


Roll Call

Members Present:                              Elizabeth Chen

Rita Creighton

Ed Davila

                                                            Mike Regeimbal

                                                            Karen Vander Ark


Attorney General Representative:       Derek Edwards


Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees Meeting on January 18, 2007 were approved with the following correction:


  • Page 2 under Washington Public Employees Association report:
    • Bullet 3, the name Tammy should say Tanny.



  • Dr. Bermingham reported that Community Colleges for International Development (CCID) was awarded a $3 million grant from the State Department to develop a pilot program to bring non-traditional students to the U.S. for education from six different countries, Pakistan, Indonesia, Egypt, Turkey, South Africa and Brazil.  The program is an outcome of the Summit on International Education hosted for U.S. college and university presidents in January of 2006 by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings.  Highline is a member of the CCID Board and is honored to be one of seven colleges awarded to participate in this program.  The hope is that this pilot project will be continued with resources added each year in the budget.  This has been a cornerstone of an effort to create more public diplomacy through international education in recognizing the important role community colleges have in the U.S. working with non-traditional international students coming from those targeted countries. 
  • Congratulations and thanks to Alice Madsen who has accepted the permanent position as Dean for Professional Technical Education.  She has been in the interim position for the last year and a half and through her leadership in a short period of time has had successful outcomes in high demand grants.  She also has been a faculty member for a number of years. 




Associated Students of Highline Community College

Daniel Nordstrom reported.

  • ASHCC is working with the Refugee Women’s Alliance (ReWA) for its first legislative rally to be held on February 20 in Olympia.  The rally will highlight refugee and immigrant student status issues.  There are 84 students scheduled to participate. 
  • The Student Leader of the Month is Mohammed Ali, a Criminal Justice student and participant on the track team.  The program for Student Leader of the Month was developed to recognize students who take extra initiative in leadership roles in the Student Programs Office.
  • S&A Budget Committee is developing next year’s budget for approval in June.
  • A Legislative Breakfast is scheduled February 20 in Olympia to meet with legislators as a follow-up to the legislative breakfast held on campus in January.
  • Clubs Staff reported there are 40 clubs working and planning events on campus. 
  • ASHCC voted to name the new leadership resource center in the Student Union for civil rights activist Diane Nash with a grand opening spring quarter.  A letter will be submitted to the president for permission to name the center.


Washington Public Employees Association

Lydia Bracco reported.

  • WPEA District meeting will be held at HCC on February 19.  Discussions have proposed changing the meetings from monthly to quarterly; however, nothing has been finalized yet.
  • HCC WPEA Chapter has been discussing restarting monthly meetings called Brown Bag Chapter Meetings to be held during personal lunch breaks every third Wednesday during the noon hour.
  • WPEA will be holding a Member Action Day on February 19 in Olympia and five HCC job representatives plan to attend. 


Highline College Education Association

Ruth Windhover reported.

·         During the last contract negotiations it was agreed to examine the Reduction in Force contract language for faculty which has now been completed.  In addition, the faculty leave language had to be revised to bring it into compliance with an RCW.  HCEA membership have ratified the changes and agreed to rollover the contract for an additional two years.  This will be finalized to get the new contract signed.

·         February 19 is the lobby day in Olympia for Washington Education Association (affiliated with HCEA) and American Federation of Teachers Washington to talk to legislators about important public higher education issues. 


Faculty Senate

Phil Droke reported.

  • Senate passed a resolution regarding the Common Course Numbering that states the responsibility for numbering courses lies with the faculty not the state and curriculum matters reside with the faculty.  Highline faculty will not participate in joining in the state’s initiative for common course numbering.  The Senate also passed a resolution that recognition is supported to increase transparency between various institutions so students can transfer between colleges but that there are better ways to accomplish that transparency instead of common course numbering.  These resolutions were shared with the state Faculty Association in Olympia.
  • The theme for the Faculty Association next year will involve technology--students using cell phones in classes, text messaging, and how faculty use technology in classes.




Continuing Probation and Tenure Recommendation

Dr. Bermingham, having given due consideration to the recommendations of the Tenure Review Committee and the Vice President for Academic Affairs recommended to the Board:


That Probation be continued for the following first-year probationers:

                        Naoko Barker – Interior Design           Kat Chappell – Medical Assisting

                        Patricia McDonald – Education          Matt Schwisow - Writing

                        Lonnie Somer - Anthropology


            That Probation be continued for the following second-year probationers:

                        Oussama (Sam) Alkhalili – Busn Info Tech   Sherri Chun – Busn Info Tech

                        Che Dawson – Paralegal                                Marie Esch-Radtke – Nursing

                        Tommy Kim – Writing                                     Jessica Neilson – Paralegal

                        Jeff Owens – Chemistry                                 James Peyton – Economics

                        Ben Thomas – Music                                      Teresa Trillo - Nursing


and, further, move that Tenure be granted for the following third-year probationers:

                        Ellen Bremen – Speech                                  Darryl Brice – Sociology

                        Jin Do – Nursing                                             Chris Gan – Biology

                        Jonathan Jahns – Respiratory Care               Tarisa Matsumoto-Maxfield – Writing

                        Maurea Maya – Pre-College Studies              Woody Moses – Biology

                        Jason Ramirez – Mathematics                       Gregory Reinemer – Physical Sc.

                        Katherine Skelton – Mathematics                   Joy Strohmaier – Biology

                        Aaron Warnock – Mathematics


Having given due consideration to the recommendations of the Tenure Review Committee and the College president, it was moved by Michael Regeimbal and seconded by Ed Davila that the tenure recommendations as presented by Dr. Bermingham be approved.


Motion carried.




Annual HCC Foundation Update

Rod Stephensen, Executive Director of Resource Development, gave a summary of the Foundation’s past two years fund raising activity.  He reported there are challenges in identifying and recruiting Foundation Board members with higher education as their priority including having a link to Highline.  Two years ago there were 12 Board members and presently there are 15 members plus four former Foundation Board members working on special projects such as the MaST campaign and getting increased endowments. 


From 2004 to 2006, endowments have increased from $1,142,054 to $1,846,586 and scholarship funding has increased from $68,304 to $81,500.  Applications for 60 scholarships have increased from 150 to 350 applicants.  Work is being done with financial aid, Thunderword, faculty, staff and in the community to improve advising and informing students about the availability of scholarships.  Long term goal of the Foundation is to raise scholarship funding to $200,000.


The Foundation’s annual Gala is the largest fund raising activity for the year and the goal is to raise well over $100,000 this year.  The sponsorships are being received for this year’s Gala including Mr. Yoshida’s sponsorship of $10,000 and others bringing the total of sponsorships to $45,000. 


The Foundation projects for this year include raising $1.3 million for the MaST capital campaign; raising $125,000 net at the Gala; creating an alumni database; and complete transfer of the Foundation Endowment from KeyBank to Mellon.




General Administration

Larry Yok reported.

  • Highline owns a structure in SeaTac purchased in 1981 by Highline’s Board of Trustees under Referendum 37, handicapped facilities bond issue.  It has a 25 year lease which will be up in 2008 at which time a decision will be made to release or keep the property.  The structure is a group home for profoundly disabled individuals managed by Integrated Living Services.  The property is not managed by the College. 



Alice Madsen reported.

  • Congratulations were extended to the Paralegal Program for successfully completing the re-approval of the American Bar Association (ABA) after their site visit to Highline January 28-29.  Recognition was extended to faculty members Buzz Wheeler, Joy Smucker, Che Dawson, Jessica Neilson and leadership of Michael Allen in the ABA process.
  • Tenured faculty positions are being advertised nationally for writing and literature, mathematics, European history, and English as a Second Language. 
  • Last Friday, Highline hosted two showings of Al Gore’s documentary movie, An Inconvenient Truth.  This event was a collaboration of cross-disciplines open to the campus and the community.  Faculty from various disciplines had follow-up discussions after the showing of the film.  Recognition was given to Woody Moses from the Biology Department and Helen Burn, Chair of Pure and Applied Science Division, for their leadership in coordinating the showings. 
  • Last Tuesday two people from Instruction and two people from Student Services attended a state-wide State Board meeting in Olympia participating on a panel to explain Highline’s successful I-BEST (Integrated Basic Education Skills Training) Program.  They also shared the Summer Institute model program which focused on faculty working together to learn more about universal design of learning second language acquisition and co-teaching with faculty from ESL and faculty from different professional technical disciplines and general education courses. 
  • Growth in on-line and hybrid classes has increased from winter quarter 2005-06 to this winter quarter from 24 on line class sections to 57 class sections and 15 hybrid class sections to 37 class sections.  These classes are meeting the needs of many of our students.


Institutional Advancement

Lisa Skari reported.

  • February 7 was the quarterly Post-Secondary Night hosted by the Outreach Department working with Student Services Staff and Financial Aid.  This event targets high school students and their parents giving them information about Highline’s programs and how to navigate the financial aid process. 
  • Every spring Highline hosts the Josten Leadership Conference which brings 1300-1500 high school students to campus.  Thanks to Instruction, Student Services, and Facilities staff for their assistance in coordinating the event. 
  • The first community outreach breakfast was held on campus hosted by Dr. Bermingham.  This breakfast brought leaders from the ethnic community to campus to discuss how Highline can better serve their community population.  Thanks to Jeff Wagnitz and Sue Kelly for their work in putting the event together.


Student Services

Toni Castro reported.

  • The Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams will be going to the championship games for the Northwest Athletic Association for Community Colleges in Kennewick the first weekend of March.  Congratulations to the coaches, and faculty members, Che Dawson and Amber Rowe and their assistants. 
  • Six members of the Wrestling Team have qualified to compete at the wrestling championships in Minnesota leaving tomorrow.  Highline student Brad Padgett is the number one rated qualifier in the nation.
  • Last Friday the softball team auction supported by faculty, staff, and community members raised $11,000.
  • Financial Aid will be conducting workshops on campus February 20-22 to help students apply for financial aid and acquaint them with the process to meet financial aid application deadlines.
  • Spring registration started on February 13.
  • Student success story - Aleksey Malyugin came to the U.S. in 2002 originally from Kyrgyzstan to live a life in a free and accepting society.  He returned to Kyrgyzstan to reunite with his wife and children and returned to the U.S. in 2004 as a refugee and enrolled in Highline last year.  He works as a Work Study Student in the WorkFirst Women’s Programs office and last fall was admitted into the Respiratory Care program and received a 3.4 GPA. 



Dr. Bermingham recognized and thanked the Board for their active involvement with community leaders and legislators over the past few weeks on behalf of the College.  He expressed his appreciation to the Board for their involvement in discussions regarding Highline Community College and some of the challenges it faces for resources by requesting support from the legislature and other community leaders for the advantage of the students.  He also mentioned the participation of three Trustees at the Association of Community College Trustees Conference in Washington DC to learn about the national scene on funding for community colleges and some of the larger policy issues and attending meetings with legislators to talk about the importance and support for the College.  He thanked the Trustees for their active involvement at both the national and local scenes.


Unscheduled Business



New Business




The meeting was adjourned at 11:50 a.m.


Next Regularly Scheduled Meeting of the Board of Trustees

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Trustees will be Tuesday, March 20, 2007.


              8:00 a.m.       Study Session             Building 25, Room 411

            10:00 a.m.       Meeting                        Building 25, Board Room


Original signed March 20, 2007


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Elizabeth Chen, Chair                                     Jack Bermingham, Interim Secretary