February 9, 2006




Dr. Bell, having given due consideration to the recommendations of the Tenure Review Committee recommended to the Board:


        THAT probation be continued for the following first-year probationers:


                        Oussama (Sam) Alkhalili – Busn Info. Tech.    Jessica Neilson – Paralegal

                        Sherri Chun – Busn Info. Tech.                       Jeff Owens – Chemistry

                        Che Dawson – Paralegal                                 James Peyton – Economics

                        Marie Esch-Radtke – Nursing                          Gayle Robinson – Nursing

                        Tommy Kim – Writing                                       Ben Thomas – Music


        THAT probation be continued for the following second-year probationers:


            Ellen Bremen – Speech                                   Woody Moses – Biology

            Daryl Brice – Sociology                                    Jason Ramirez – Mathematics

            Jin Do – Nursing                                              Gregory Reinemer – Physical Science

            Chris Gan – Biology                                         Katherine Skelton – Mathematics

            Jonathan Jahns – Respiratory Care                Joy Strohmaier – Biology

            Tarisa Matsumoto-Maxfield – Writing               Aaron Warnock – Mathematics

            Maurea Maya – Pre-College Studies


AND, FURTHER MOVE THAT Tenure be granted for the following third-year probationers:


            Chris Brandmeir – Hotel & Tourism Management

            Michael Girvin – Accounting

            Elise Muller-Lindgren – Nursing

            Jeff Ward – Business

            Stephen Washburn – Pre-College Studies


It was moved by Karen Vander Ark and seconded by Rita Creighton that the tenure recommendations as presented by Dr. Bell be approved.


Motion carried.