September 14, 2006



Executive Session

2005-06 Budget Revision

Summer Enrollment Report

Achieving the Dream Update

Student Government Constitutional Change

TACTC Update




Call to Order

Elizabeth Chen, Chair, called the meeting to order at 10:15 a.m.  The agenda was revised to postpone the action item on the President’s contract to next month.


Roll Call

Members Present:                              Elizabeth Chen

Rita Creighton

Ed Davila

                                                            Mike Emerson

                                                            Karen Vander Ark


Attorney General Representative:       Derek Edwards


Approval of Minutes

Minutes of Board of Trustees Meeting, July 20, 2006, were approved.







Associated Students of Highline Community College

Daniel Nordstrom reported.

  • Student Government worked over the summer to establish a new form of government consisting of Caucuses and held its first leadership event, the Summer Confluence.  Fifty-five student leaders attended and established four Caucuses: Helping Hands – committed to community service and student support; Global Health – to bring awareness of global health issues to campus; Political Action – bringing political discourse to our leaders and students on campus; and Empowered Education – working to celebrate and promote education opportunities to the college and local communities.  Chairs and co-chairs of each caucus met in late August and named a Speaker of the Caucus, Jennifer Graybill.
  • The annual Thunderweek, the welcome week for HCC students, is being planned for the first week of classes including an all campus BBQ and a Fall Clubs Fair to recruit new members on September 28 from 10-2:00.


Washington Public Employees Association

Gum Lai Ross reported.

  • Higher education contract ratification will be conducted at individual colleges on September 20, 21, or 22.  Informational meetings will be held September 14 and 19 from 7-9:00 p.m. at individual colleges.  Union members are advised to check the WPEA website for final dates and locations.
  • The District meeting will be September 19 at Highline Community College from 7-9:00 p.m. in the Mt. Skokomish Room.


Highline College Education Association

Ruth Windhover reported.

  • HCEA will be hosting a faculty lunch during Opening Week and will have presentations on Washington LEARNS, State Board’s strategic direction, and the legislative agenda.
  • During the Defining Democracy activities in early October, HCEA will be sponsoring a presentation on Washington’s initiative process and to encourage students to vote.  There will be a debate on initiatives in the fall election and will focus on the Estate Tax at noon on October 5. 
  • In October, the Labor Center at UW-Bothell is holding a conference on academic labor and Ruth and other union representatives from the two year colleges and regional universities will be giving a presentation.
  • During fall quarter HCEA will continue to have regular meetings with Administration.


Faculty Senate

No report. 




a.  2005-06 Budget Revision


It was moved by Mike Emerson and seconded by Karen Vander Ark to revise the 2005-06 budget and approve the expenditure of $651,545 from the un-obligated fund balance.


The motion carried.


b.  President’s Contract – action postponed to October meeting




Opening Week Kick-Off

Toni Castro, Dean of Student Services, introduced Jonathan Brown, Associate Dean for Student Programs, who was instrumental in the design and development of Opening Week schedule the week of September 19.  Over 20 events were scheduled that brings the campus community together - faculty, staff, and administration.  This is a collaborative effort among faculty, staff and administration in bringing all the events together. 


Jonathan distributed the Opening Week schedule to the Board and gave an overview of the various events scheduled.  He explained that this annual week before fall quarter classes is designed to build the campus community and to provide grass roots programming and professional development.  There is also a Professional Development Day that is scheduled in October for faculty and staff.  Opening Week is developed by people who want to share about their departments or new elements in their offices.  The events are geared for new faculty and staff or as reminders of services available for returning faculty and staff or new initiatives.  The Board was invited to attend any of the scheduled events.





Jack Bermingham reported.

  • South African Minister of Education, Naledi Pandor, had requested to visit Highline but had to cancel because there was a restructure of their cabinet agenda and a budgeting issue. 
  • HCC was selected to receive an Opportunity Grant.  Thanks to Jeff Wagnitz, Dean for Transfer Programs, who put a lot of work into the proposal.  The grant will be a tremendous asset for access for some students.
  • The Achieving the Dream grant will help the College be more data driven in making decisions and will provide some new resources in the way data is used. 
  • With the leadership of Alice Madsen, Dean for Professional Technical Programs, HCC was successful in receiving approval from the State Board for high demand programs by expanding the nursing program and Workforce Development Competitive Grant proposal for the Polysomnography Technology Consortium. 
  • Three key faculty leaders, James Peyton, Jeff Owens, and Jack Harton, were recognized for organizing the pilot invitational program for students during Opening Week as part of the retention of students and student success in getting students off to a good start.
  • Recognition was given to Rolita Ezeonu, from the speech faculty, and Jason Ramirez, from the math faculty, for providing leading faculty roles in the Achieving the Dream initiative.
  • Eena Hibbs has served as faculty director of the Tutoring Center and provided the development of an institution at Highline that is recognized throughout the region for its success.  She is moving to some leadership in her own program area and there will probably be some demands on her program area in the Achieving the Dream.  Two new faculty will be providing the leadership role for the Tutoring Center, Kate Skelton from Math and Sam Alkhalili in Business Technology. 


Institutional Advancement

Lisa Skari reported.

  • Some of the outreach activities in the last month to get HCC’s name into the community included print in local media and special publications of Computer User and radio to advertise specific enrollment deadlines and event dates.  Radio advertising is being used at a variety of types of stations ranging from a pop country station to Funky Monkey to KJR to KIRO and also the traffic station. 
  • There was an open house last night for students who had applied to the College but not yet enrolled.  Letters were sent to 700-800 students as well as a promotion on KISW radio.  About 50 students attended and some heard about it on the radio.  Thanks were extended to Jason Prenovost and his crew and Toni Castro and Student Services staff in their support of the open house.
  • Nancy Kent, Web Coordinator, has been working to get the college schedule on-line and it should be available in a couple of weeks.  Currently students find out about the class schedule through a printed quarterly which generally arrives a month and a half before the quarter starts so it is not as accurate as the new on-line schedule will be.  The schedule will pull from our data system and let students know the class, the time, the location, and how many students are in the class. 
  • A Director of Communications and Marketing has been hired.  Kelly Maloney, a marketing consultant for the last five years in the Federal Way area will start on October 2.
  • October 2 is the HCC Foundation scholarship recipient event.  The speaker will be Gary Long, former Foundation Board member and scholarship donor, and Kevin Henley former student and scholarship recipient.


Student Services

Toni Castro reported.

  • The annual soccer game competition between the current HCC team and alumni team players was held and the current team won 2-1.  Recognition was given to Jason Prenovost, Soccer Coach, for bringing that event together.
  • The Center for Leadership and Service is the new transformed student program which started their intensive training leadership development program last week.  The student leaders, a very diverse multicultural group of students from Running Start to re-entry students, participated and are very enthusiastic as they move into the new year.  They were encouraged to keep focus on Highline’s vision, mission, and values as they align their programs for the year.
  • The Associate Dean for Enrollment Services, Kate Bligh, was hired.  Kate has extensive experience in the Washington community and technical college system.
  • Former student Megan Yapp from HCC’s Honor Program received a full scholarship to Eastern Washington University in partnership with Georgetown University.  Megan will be going to DC and study at Georgetown for a year and plans is to enter law school at there in 2007-08.
  • Phuong Trinh, a member of Phi Theta Kappa (PTK), was honored to have her short story, The Color of Snow, selected from 1600 international entries published in PTK’s literary anthology publication Nota Bene.
  • Kolesta Moore, former Student Government President, is a performing artist.  She was a featured performer at The Blend last year on campus and just released her self titled album Choklate.



Larry Yok reported.

  • The Financial Services office is very busy closing the books for the 2005-06 academic year. 
  • Two major infrastructure projects, replacing the power lines and creating a redundant main water system, are running on schedule.  There have been a total of three power shutdowns on weekends and one more partial shutdown scheduled.  All of the high-voltage cable system will be completed.
  • Director of Institutional Research, Patty James, has left the college for another opportunity at Bellevue Community College.  Her contribution to the College for the five years she was at HCC is appreciated.  A search has begun for her successor.
  • With the assistance of Marie Zimmermann and Tim Wrye, the negotiations with Central Washington University have been completed with a signed operational contract. 
  • Administration has four of the six department head positions vacant.  The search process has begun for the Director of Auxiliary Services Director, Director of Institutional Research, the Director of Financial Services, and the Executive Director of Human Resources.  The interim directors are doing a great job but the hope is to have all of the positions filled by the end of the year.



Jack Bermingham reported that HCC has been granted two seed grants from an organization that focuses on international education in North America, a collaboration between institutions in Mexico, United States, and Canada.  A number of partners put together a proposal centered on the Hotel Tourism Management program to provide seed grant funding to get a partnership program started that would create student and faculty exchanges.  The second proposal with a Mexican partner institution focused on access for the disabled utilizing instructional technology and provides some seed grant funding of $5,000 to facilitate some travel to get acquainted with the partner institution.


Unscheduled Business

Mike Emerson’s appointment to Highline’s Board is over the end of September but he will remain on the Board until a formal appointment has been made by the Governor which is expected at any time.  The Board expressed their appreciation to Mike for his leadership, contributions, and mentorship during his ten years on the Board.  He responded that it had been a privilege and honor to serve on the Board of Highline and he expressed his appreciation and thanks to the other members of the Board and members of the staff.  He stated that one of the greatest achievements in particular was working the Board and with a successful president and then taking part in selecting a new successful president. 


New Business




The meeting was adjourned at 11:25 a.m.


Next Regularly Scheduled Meeting of the Board of Trustees

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Trustees will be October 17, 2006.


              8:00 a.m.       Study Session             Building 25, Room 411

            10:00 a.m.       Meeting                        Building 25, Board Room




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Elizabeth Chen, Chair                                     Priscilla J. Bell, Secretary