JULY 20, 2006





a. Election of Board Officers for 2006-07


It was moved by Elizabeth Chen and seconded by Rita Creighton that the following be named Board Officers for 2006-07:


Chairperson: Elizabeth Chen

Vice Chairperson: Rita Creighton

TACTC Representative: Ed Davila

TACTC Legislative Representative: Karen Vander Ark

HCC Foundation Board Representative: Mike Emerson


The motion carried.


b. Highline Community College 2006 Strategic Plan


After giving due consideration to the recommendations of the campus Strategic Planning Committee and the College President, it was moved by Karen Vander Ark and seconded by Elizabeth Chen to approve the Highline Community College 2006 Strategic Plan.


Comment - the Board participated in the workshops that led to this plan and discussed at length in the Study Session before this meeting. It is being set for adoption for approval after considerable input and discussion throughout the College through great leadership by Lisa Skari and Vickie Ropp. It is a plan that is familiar and understandable to everyone to follow.


Motion Carried.


A copy of 2006-07 Strategic Plan is filed with the official minutes.