June 8, 2006



Executive Session

2006-07 Budget Approval

2006-07 Student Activities (S&A) Budget Approval

Strategic Plan Discussion






Call to Order

Mike Emerson, Chair, called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m.


Roll Call

Members Present:                               Rita Creighton

                                                            Mike Emerson

                                                            Karen Vander Ark


Member Absent:                                  Elizabeth Chen

                                                            Ed Davila


Attorney General Representative:       Derek Edwards


Approval of Minutes

Minutes of Board of Trustees Meeting, May 11, 2006, were approved.



  • Dr. Bell introduced the new Vice President for Administration, Larry Yok.  Mr. Yok brings to Highline fifteen years of experience as Operations Manager, Chief Financial Officer, and Administrative Director in public utilities; eleven years concurrently as a consultant in management and labor relations to city and county governments, special service districts and private employers; and nine years as Chief Human Resources officer.  He has also served as the Director of Human Resources at Group Health Cooperative in Seattle, and adjunct faculty at San Francisco State University Center of Extended Learning. 
  • Dr. Bell received a letter to the Board from Representative Schual-Berke in recognition of the College as a finalist for the MetLife Foundation Excellence Award.  The letter stated, “I’m proud to have such a renowned institution committed to recruiting and retaining excellent faculty and students from a diversity of backgrounds in my legislative district.  I have been truly impressed by Highline Community College’s outreach efforts and partnerships in South King County and it is wonderful that the College is receiving this recognition for all of your hard work.”
  • John Dunn, Athletic Director, introduced Che Dawson, coach for the HCC Men’s Basketball Team.  The team won the Northwest Athletic Association for Community Colleges championship and Dawson was named Coach of the Year.  The coaches and team were invited to the May 22 King County Council Meeting by Councilmember Julia Patterson and was honored by a proclamation read by Julia Patterson and Pete von Reichbauer.  The proclamation recognized the team for their amazing tournament performance, their championship trophy and their camaraderie and teamwork.  And, a congratulatory letter from Larry Phillips, Chair of the Council, was read by Dr. Bell.  The Board congratulated Coach Dawson and Athletic Director Dunn. 




Associated Students of Highline Community College

Paul Kalchik reported.

  • A new ASHCC student constitution was passed reducing the size of student government from seven members to three—two elected positions, president and vice president, and an appointed speaker of the caucus.  Interest based caucuses will be formed in areas of student interest, for example a health and wellness caucus with members from students in programs such as respiratory care, medical assisting, and nursing.  Each caucus will have a chair and a speaker of the caucus will be appointed from the various caucus chairs.   The new system will involve more participation in student governance with each caucus having a vote in the council meetings.
  • The 2006-07 ASHCC elections were held and the new officers elected were introduced—Daniel Nordstrom, President, and Paul Pitman, Vice President. 


Washington Public Employees Association

Tenaya Wright reported.

  • Classified Staff receiving degrees this year were identified: Michelle Tuscher, BA in Interdisdisplinary Arts and Science from UW-Tacoma; Cheryl Carino-Burr, AA from HCC in Cultural, Gender and Globalism; and Gerald Jackson, working on his Master’s in Theology and Masters of divinity.  All received funds from the Classified Staff training funds, Classified Staff scholarships, and Dr. Bell’s educational fund for Classified Staff. 
  • Classified Staff leaving HCC due to the College’s re-organization were identified and thanked for their years of service:  Steve Barry, in mail services; and Tan Lam, in Health Occupations. 
  • Thanks were extended to Executive Staff for accepting input from WPEA campus officers regarding inter-campus program promotion and retention. 


Highline College Education Association

Ruth Windhover reported.

  • HCEA extended thanks to Virg Staiger for his assistance in Olympia and for sharing information regarding local legislative relationships. 
  • Best wishes and thanks were extended to Ivan Gorne as he leaves HCC to Bates Technical College, and Marion Davis as she leaves HCC to relocate in Arizona.
  • Congratulations were extended to Elizabeth Chen for being selected as Trustee of the Year by the Trustees Association. 
  • Thanks were extended to the Trustees for their work for the College which is greatly enriched by their contributions.
  • Thanks to Administration who meets periodically with the HCEA re-affirming again the excellent relationship that HCEA has with the Administration here and a reflection of the high quality of Highline.


Faculty Senate

Phil Droke reported.

·          The Faculty Association of Community and Technical Colleges has decided they would like to have their conference at Highline next fall because it was such a delightful experience last fall.  There were about 120-130 faculty members throughout the state on campus for the one day conference on teaching by teachers. 




a.  2006-07 Preliminary Budget


It was moved by Rita Creighton and seconded by Karen Vander Ark to approve the 2006-07 General Fund budgets, tuition waivers, and fees and delegates to the President the authority to make other necessary changes.


Motion Carried.


A copy of 2006-07 Preliminary Budget is filed with the official minutes.


b.  Student Activities Budget (S&A)


It was moved by Karen Vander Ark and seconded by Rita Creighton to approve the Students’ Activities Budget for 2006-07.


Motion Carried.


A copy of 2006-07 Students’ Activities Budget is filed with the official minutes.




Student Services

Ivan Gorne reported.

  • Recognition was given to student Kiana Hayes, for doing a terrific job chairing of the Student Activities (S&A) budget committee and thanks were extended to the rest of the budget committee.
  • A reception was held on campus for the Men’s Basketball team in honor of their NWAACC championship win and the entire team attended. 
  • The new ASHCC officers, vice president Paul Pitman, a 17 year-old high school Running Start student, and president Daniel Nordstrom, a 37 year-old displaced timber worker back for his third career, shows the age diversity of our student body and how well they work together.  Students learn from each other as they go through those experiences and that’s just one example of two people and there are 25 different club members in the new caucus, a great diversity that enriches the student experiences at HCC. 
  • Gorne expressed that it was a pleasure for him to serve Dr. Bell and the Board of Trustees, and to work with his colleagues on Executive Staff and the extended campus as he says good-bye to Highline taking a new position at Bates Technical College.  The Board thanked him for his service to Highline and wished him well in his new position.



Jack Bermingham reported.

  • Recognition was given to Coach Che Dawson and congratulations to the success of the basketball team.  There is an unusual model at Highline where there’s an overlapping synergy between the athletic program and the academic physical education program and a really strong collaboration between the instructional program and the athletic program.  The leadership in the athletic program has always had a strong commitment to the student learning part of the student athlete.  
  • Bermingham and Trustee Elizabeth Chen went to China and thanks were extended to Dr. Chen for her efforts and guidance to move forward with the possibility of a close relationship with the higher education institutions in Yangzhou, and a possibility of having a fairly large group of students coming to Highline from Yangzhou as part of Highline’s International Student Program, as well as continued customized training opportunities in Yangzhou. 
  • The annual reception for the newly tenured faculty hosted by Dr. Bell was on June 2.  This reception gives an opportunity to observe the impact that the five newly tenured faculty are already making on the institution.  They’re just at the end of their third year and already several of them are leaders on campus, certainly leaders of their programs. 
  • One of the students that started four years ago in the Supported Employment Program directed by Judy Perry was assisted in putting put together a business plan and has become an entrepreneur and is being recognized nationally in Boston at the end of the month by the National Organization for Supported Employment as their entrepreneur of the year.  This is an individual who has his own recycling business.  The Supported Employment Program is one of the great relationships HCC has with the community and another of the really outstanding results that HCC is getting with national recognition. 



Marion Davis reported.

  • Purchasing department is getting all the end of the year purchases completed for year end.
  • The financial office is working on filing the end of the year 2005-06 reports and preparing the 2006-07 budgeting.
  • Facilities department is gearing up to complete all the summer projects.
  • Work is continuing to fill the position of the Director of Auxiliary Services and to organize the new Auxiliary Services department.
  • Acknowledgement and thanks were given to the staff in administration and their day to day work to support the College and for their support to Davis this past year in her Interim Vice President for Administration position. 
  • Thanks were also extended to the Executive Staff and the Board for the support they provided Davis throughout this year.  She enjoyed and gained experience working at Highline as well as completing her Master’s degree this last year.  She will miss Highline and said goodbye.  The Board extended their thanks to her and wished her well.


Institutional Advancement

Lisa Skari reported.

  • Highline was notified that the proposal to the Lumina Foundation for the Achieving the Dream foundation, a program that focuses on data and how that data can be used in doing something for traditionally underserved students, was approved.  This will have a five year funding cycle of $450,000 with the first year spent on planning and is an across campus effort.  There will be a leadership team going to Denver in July, including Dr. Bell, Dr. Bermingham, Toni Castro, Patty James, Jason Ramirez and two faculty.  When they return, a larger group of 16 identified individuals will be working on the project next year.  Special thanks to Jeff Wagnitz, Alice Madsen, and Patty James for providing information, and to Ruth Windhover who wrote and put the proposal together. 
  • The Department of Labor called to see if Highline would be willing to sit on a panel at the Workforce Innovations Conference in California in July entitled Bridging the Remediation Gap in Community Colleges.  Highline had been referred by the Lumina Foundation staff members who understood there is a small elite group of folks already doing this successfully and Highline is one of those.
  • Thanks were extended to Virg Staiger, retiring at the end of June, for his years of dedicated service to Highline and his continuing efforts in building relationships with the community. 



On behalf of the Board, Chairman Emerson congratulated Virg Staiger, Ivan Gorne and Marion Davis and stated that it has been a pleasure working with them and thanked them for all of their work, support and contributions to Highline Community College and wished them well.


Unscheduled Business



New Business




The meeting was adjourned at 10:50 a.m.


Next Regularly Scheduled Meeting of the Board of Trustees

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Trustees will be July 20, 2006.


            10:00 a.m.       Study Session              Building 99, Room 291

            11:00 a.m.       Meeting                        Building 99, Room 132




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J. Michael Emerson, Chair                             Priscilla J. Bell, Secretary