May 11, 2006



Executive Session

Continuing Probation Recommendation

Enrollment Report

Third Quarter Financial Reports

Budget Planning Report

Overview of Student Activities (S&A) Budget

Highline’s New Identity Package

Cultural Diversity Policy Updae




Call to Order

Mike Emerson, Chair, called the meeting to order at 10:15 a.m.


Roll Call

Members Present:                               Elizabeth Chen

                                                            Rita Creighton

                                                            Ed Davila

                                                            Mike Emerson


Member Absent:                                  Karen Vander Ark


Attorney General Representative:       Derek Edwards


Approval of Minutes

Minutes of Board of Trustees Meeting, March 9, 2006, and Minutes of Special Meeting April 1, 2006 were approved.



No correspondence.



Associated Students of Highline Community College

No Report.


Washington Public Employees Association

Gum Lai Ross reported.

·          Thanks were extended to Dr. Bell for including WPEA in the interview process for Vice President of Administration by providing their feedback

·          Classified staff volunteering to assist with this year’s commencement include the following individuals: Lois Eriksson, Mandy Mineard, Lorri Nystedt, Danielle Mottley, Jackie Belknap, Lynne King, Teresa Pierce, Tenaya Wright, and Gum Lai Ross. 

·          Starting June 24, 2006, House Bill 2898 will be effective to allow public employees to distribute collective bargaining communication issues from employee organization associations and unions.    

·          On May 12, the Classified Staff Training Committee will be hosting a workshop from 12:00-2:00 in building 2 entitled, “Want to be an Even Better Communicator?” 

·          The next WPEA district meeting will be Tuesday, May 16 from 7-9:00 in building 7. 


Highline College Education Association

Ruth Windhover reported.

  • HCEA sponsored a presentation on April 26 by Gordon Lafer, professor at the University of Oregon Labor Studies Center, about the Highline Reads selected book, Fast Food Nation.  Attendees included two reading/writing classes containing many immigrant students who have worked or are working at minimum wage jobs in the fast food industry.  Professor Lafer also spoke to the Honors Colloquy. 
  • HCEA and administration are discussing new language regarding reduction in force for tenured faculty under a letter of agreement from the past negotiation.
  • HCEA sponsored a session for tenured faculty presented by Jack Bermingham on applying for column advancement also known as increments on the salary schedule.  To move on the schedule from the first column to the second, third, fourth and fifth columns, faculty must assemble a portfolio that is evaluated by a faculty committee and the Vice President for Academic Affairs with the Vice President making the final decision. 
  • The language in the supplemental budget gives additional statewide funding for faculty increments but is short of what is actually needed. 
  • Ruth has been re-elected to the position of Chair of the Higher Education Committee for the Washington Education Association (WEA), the parent organization of the HCEA.


Faculty Senate

Phil Droke reported.

  • The Senate is continuing to work on on-going the projects and has one more meeting this year.  




a.  Continuing Probation and Tenure Recommendations


Having given due consideration to the recommendations of the Tenure Review Committee and President Bell, it was moved by Rita Creighton and seconded by Elizabeth Chen that probation be continued for second-year probationer Marcia Welch in Business Information Technology.


The motion carried.


b.  Cultural Diversity Policy


It was moved by Ed Davila and seconded by Elizabeth Chen to revise the Cultural Diversity Policy approved by the Board of Trustees on June 10, 1993 to bring Highline Community College into compliance with federal requirements.  The change in the policy is to revise the statement, “discrimination based on gender,” to “discrimination based on sex.”  The policy was updated to read as follows:


Highline Community College actively promotes and supports a learning and work environment which ensures social justice, mutual respect, understanding, civility, and non-violence.  Highline Community College is committed to the elimination of discrimination based on sex, race, class, economic status, ethnic background, sexual orientation, age, physical ability, and cultural and religious background.


The motion carried.


c.  Resolution 70-06 Pertaining to Achieving the Dream




(Pertaining to Achieving the Dream)


WHEREAS, Highline Community College is applying for participation in the Achieving the Dream program;

WHEREAS, the Achieving the Dream program is aligned with the mission, vision and strategic plan of Highline;

WHEREAS, enrolling and graduating low-income, first generation, students of color and other underserved populations is a priority of paramount importance to Highline;

WHEREAS, Highline Community College has exhibited success with serving these traditionally underserved students as indicated by Highline’s inclusion as one of six finalists in the MetLife Foundation’s Community College Excellence Award 2006;

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED THAT, the Highline Community College Board of Trustees fully endorses Highline's application and participation in the Achieving the Dream program.


It was moved by Ed Davila and seconded by Elizabeth Chen to approve the Resolution 70-06 Pertaining to Achieving the Dream. 


The motion carried.


d.  College President’s Investment


In compliance with RCW 42.52.190, the Board of Trustees must approve the College President’s investments in certain investment securities.  There was a motion to approve the College President’s investing in Plaza Bank, Inc., a closely held corporation.  The Board having considered the matter finds that the investment does not currently conflict with the President’s responsibilities to invest College funds.  If the Bank ever sought to do business with the College, the President would duly recuse herself from participating in any decision to do business with the Bank.


It was moved by Elizabeth Chen and seconded by Rita Creighton that the Board of Trustees of Highline Community College approve the College President’s investment in Plaza Bank, including any recurring dividends or future investments in the Bank.


The motion carried.


Chairman Emerson stated that this motion was discussed in the Study Session.  Trustee Ed Davila stated that this action item is a good overall litmus test for the College that the overall issue is that it is the right action for anyone in our community leadership positions models, sets standards and codes for responsible behavior.  That perception will be interpreted in our community as integrity. This action item will keep reinforcing this value of the College.




Student Scholarships and Awards Recognition


A number of special scholarship recipients were introduced to and congratulated by Dr. Bell and the Board.  Explanations of the awards and their application processes and introductions of the students were presented by the following people:  Alice Madsen, Acting Dean of Instruction for Professional Technical Education; Barbara Clinton, Coordinator of the Speech Program; Laura Manning, Coordinator of the HCC Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa; Chris Brandmeir, Coordinator of the Hotel and Hospitality Program; and Kat Chappell, Faculty Member in the Medical Assisting Program. 


The following students were introduced and congratulated for receiving these special scholarships:


  • Washington Award for Vocation Education (WAVE) – two years of undergraduate


                        Cheri Hans - Hotel and Hospitality Program

                        Lynette Bird - Medical Assisting Program


  • Next Step Scholarship from University of Washington-Tacoma – up to $12,000

                        Karin Carr - Education Program


  • The Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship – up to $30,000

                        Tracy Zhang - Transfer Program


  • Gates Millennium Scholarship – funding through graduate school

                        Debbie Nguyen – Running Start

Kim Trinh – Running Start

                        Kary Mai – Running Start


  • All-USA Academic Team Nominees

                        Jennifer Reilly – Nursing Program

                        Janae Leggett – Business Program





Jack Bermingham reported.

  • Two of the research associates from the Community College Research Center were at HCC evaluating the Ford Foundation grant to the State Board on Bridges to Opportunity.  They heard about some of Highline’s initiatives, particularly the IBEST program.  Thanks were extended to Jeff Wagnitz and Alice Madsen who hosted the visitors and Marie Bruin and Jean Munro in Women’s Programs, Kim Wasierski in Financial Aid, Danette Randolph in the Worker Retraining and a number of faculty including Linda Faaren, Steve Washburn, Maurea Maya, Babs Cerna, and Michael Allen.  They also spoke to Dr. Bell.
  • ESL students and their families were invited to campus this evening for a new outreach initiative.  This is the first effort in planning a number of other similar initiatives to reach out to the different communities that Highline serves.  The ESL population is continually increasing and our effectiveness in reaching out to them is also increasing. This quarter alone Highline is serving over 1,000 FTE’s which translates into a couple thousand students.  Thanks to Jeff Wagnitz, Alice Madsen, and Sue Nelson, along with a host of others, who put this program together. 
  • Tracking is being done to examine whether our retention efforts are improving.    
  • Congratulations to Ruth Windhover for her statewide service and being re-elected to the Washington Education Association Higher Ed Chair position, another example of the kind of leadership there is among the faculty at HCC. 
  • Tony Wilson from the Library Tech Program is retiring this year and the statewide association named one of their travel scholarships after Tony at their annual meeting.  They also gave him an award recognizing his years of service and for the leadership he has provided to that association.
  • Congratulations to Barbara Clinton selected to receive the Community College Educator of the Year award from the National Communications Association.



Marion Davis reported.

  • Financial Services Office is working to complete the budget details into next year as well as closing for the year end.  Part of the challenges that are occurring within the whole administrative team is the impact of some of the organizational restructuring and the latest budget cuts when positions are relocated in the reporting structure.
  • Administrative Technology team is examining the impact and making decisions and recommendations for the active directory, the way communication is set up at the College so that people can communicate effectively with each other. 
  • The Business, Accounting and Reporting Council (BAR) held a training session to try and develop some longer term skills and abilities within the business of financial budgeting area of the colleges so that there are people trained to take over when people retire and leave.  There is a projected shortage of people with the necessary skills in a very technically difficult area. 
  • Re-hosting still is occurring but delayed at this point with a probable implementation in October of 2007. 
  • Administrative Technology is in the process of installing a new email exchange server which should improve some of the problems that have been occurring.  
  • Summer capital projects are being determined and finalized.


Institutional Advancement

Lisa Skari reported.

  • Sherry Reichert, Director of Communications & Marketing, has resigned to explore other opportunities.  The search process has begun for a replacement. 
  • The MetLife brochure reported highlights of the six finalists and some of HCC programs including Latino Night School, Honors College, faculty recruitment process as well as ideas from some of the other schools.  The copies of the brochure were distributed to the Board.
  • Yesterday’s issue of The Federal Way Mirror had an editorial about the concern over the increase of tuition and about the success of the Gala.  The Gala grossed over $130,000 and after expenses are looking at over $100,000 earned.  Thanks to the students that volunteered at the Gala, Sandy Moser, Jean Munro, Mary Barkley, and Sherry Reichert who were key volunteers.  We had two great MC’s—faculty members, Laura Manning and Jessica Gilmore who entertained the crowd and talked about all the different auction items which brought in close to their value if not more.  And a big thanks to Rod Stephenson, Alana Young, and Melissa Sell.


Student Services

Ivan Gorne reported.

  • Ivan introduced Dena Dillon, the new Executive Assistant for Vice President for Student Services and the Associate Dean for Enrollment Services. 
  • Toni Castro was nominated and accepted an invitation to be a board member for the American Red Cross, Seattle Chapter that serves King and Kitsap County, beginning May 25.  Congratulations to Toni. 
  • Congratulations to Laura Manning and Phi Theta Kappa receiving an award for HCC chapter increasing enrollment of students involved in Phi Theta Kappa. 
  • Recognition was extended to folks in Financial Aid and Mouy-Ly Wong in Student Services, Denny Steussy and Nga Pham in Educational Planning, for advising the students to think about those scholarships highlighted earlier in the meeting and then the great assistance they gave them with their scholarship applications.  Denny and Nga volunteer and advise the Vietnamese Student Association. 
  • Recognition to Lorena Saucedo interviewed on Radio Sol, a local Spanish speaking radio station, consisting of questions and answers about financial aid and going to college.  Since that March 15 interview at least ten Spanish speaking students have called regarding a whole variety of our programs including ESL classes, GED preparation, general classes and degrees we offer.
  • The Educational Planning staff are working with our College Orientation/Registration Experience (CORE) which is an orientation to work with students who are pursuing degrees and certificates who have never attended college before.  We’re trying to develop a cohort experience for that group of students to give them a little more time with some special attention. 
  • Testing Services Center was given outstanding recognition recently when it was evaluated or audited by the state GED administrator.  The examiner complimented Robin Loveless and the Testing Center stating that it is operated with care and concern for those served and in accordance with community testing service policy and no recommendations are needed.  
  • Thanks to trustee Rita Creighton for suggesting that King County Councilmember Julia Patterson be contacted about the HCC Men’s Basketball Team winning the Northwest Athletic Association for Community College’s championship.  The team was invited to be recognized at the King County Council Chambers on May 22 at 1:00.





Unscheduled Business



New Business




The meeting was adjourned at 11:25 a.m.


Next Regularly Scheduled Meeting of the Board of Trustees

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Trustees will be June 8, 2006.


            8:00 a.m.         Study Session              Building 25, Room 411

            10:00 a.m.       Meeting                        Building 25, Board Room



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J. Michael Emerson, Chair                             Priscilla J. Bell, Secretary