November 16, 2006





Action Item:


Presidentís Contract:

It was moved by Ed Davila and seconded by Karen Vander Ark that the Board of Trustees terminate Dr. Priscilla Bellís contract under the termination for convenience clause of her contract.


Motion carried unanimously.



The Board expressed their appreciation for Dr. Bellís many contributions to the College and said that it was a very hard decision but the Board and the president had reached philosophical differences and the Board decided that it was in the best interest of the College to terminate her contract.The Board will be meeting in the following weeks and months in Executive Sessions to follow up on this issue.


Action Item:


It was moved by Ed Davila and seconded by Mike Regeimbal that Dr. Jack Bermingham would be appointed Interim President and Larry Yok would be Acting Interim President until Dr. Bermingham returns to campus from a business trip.


Motion carried.