October 17, 2006



Executive Session

SBCTC System Directions

2005-06 Year End Report

2006-07 Budget

Achieving the Dream Update

ASHCC Student Government Constitution Changes

Enrollment Report

ACCT Review




Call to Order

Elizabeth Chen, Chair, called the meeting to order at 10:15 a.m.She welcomed and introduced Mike Regeimbal, as the newly appointed Trustee to the Board replacing Mike Emerson.Mr. Regeimbal has been a strong advocate of Highline Community College and former HCC Foundation Board member and President.


Roll Call

Members Present:††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Elizabeth Chen

Rita Creighton

Ed Davila

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Mike Regeimbal

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Karen Vander Ark


Attorney General Representative:†††††† Derek Edwards


Approval of Minutes

Minutes of Board of Trustees Meeting, September 14, 2006, were approved.







Associated Students of Highline Community College

Daniel Nordstrom reported.

  • Student Government has grown from the four original Caucuses to add another called Awareness Caucus.This Caucus will work to bring knowledge to campus about current and historical events not commonly reported in textbooks or newscasts.
  • The first Student Council meeting was held October 3 with 39 people in attendance.
  • The Clubs Fair on September 29 had 24 of the 55 clubs represented recruiting more members.
  • Thunderweek, the first week of fall quarter, was very successful with over 400 barbeque lunches served and 4800 Student Handbooks distributed.


Washington Public Employees Association

Gum Lai Ross reported.

  • All members of HCC WPEA members voted for the proposed contract.Thanks to Helen Buller from the Communications and Marketing Department for participating on the negotiations.
  • WPEA cookie dough fund raiser held recently earned funds for the WPEA Scholarship Endowment.Thanks to the following staff for selling the cookie dough:Lois Eriksson, Lauri Spivey, Carolyn Sinay, Gerie Ventura, Lydia Bracco, Gary McCune, Gum-Lai Ross, and Carmelita Richardson.


Highline College Education Association

Ruth Windhover reported.

  • HCEA participated in the Defining Democracy Program by sponsoring an event on the initiative process and a debate on initiative 920 attended by over 100 students.
  • They also sponsored a faculty meeting to discuss the Common Course Numbering system, a change the faculty has serious questions about, and are planning another meeting and perhaps voting on a formal response.
  • Discussions with Administration are continuing on revisions to Reduction In Force language as a result of a Letter of Agreement at the last contract negotiations.
  • In Ruthís role as the State Higher Education Chair for Washington Education Association, she participated in a panel at the labor conference held at UW sponsored by UW Labor Center at UW-Bothell.The panel focus was on the impact of technology on labor and the impact of technology on higher education.


Faculty Senate

Phil Droke reported.

  • The Senate meets the first and third Wednesday of every month.The Senate is working on blocking the Common Course Numbering initiative.Jack will meet with Senate tomorrow to update them on the initiative.
  • Phil is the HCC representative to the organization Faculty of Community and Technical Colleges (FACTC) and the site manager for the statewide fall conference to be held again this year at HCC with the theme of ďTools for Teaching.Ē




a.2006-07 Budget Appoval

It was moved by Ed Davila and seconded by Karen Vander Ark to approve the 2006-07 budget.


The motion carried.


A copy of the budget for 2006-07 is filed with the official minutes.



b.Associated Students of Highline Community College (ASHCC) Constitution

It was moved by Karen Vander Ark and seconded by Rita Creighton to approve the revisions to the ASHCC Student Constitution.


The motion carried.


A copy of the Constitution is filed with the official minutes.


c.Presidentís Contract

The Board would like to have Trustee Regeimbal have the opportunity to review the Presidentís contract before taking action so this action item was tabled.




Defining Democracy

Susan Landgraf, Writing Faculty Member and James Peyton, Economics Faculty Member, gave the background and described the Defining Democracy program.This program, begun in 2003, and is an outside classroom program with a series of programs and discussions conducted over fall quarter to explore major issues in the current election and in the political system.Each year the series has been slightly different and the presentations and panels have addressed larger issues that we live in a democratic system.


In 2003 Susan approached Dr. Bermingham and Dr. Bell about having some sort of seminar to help students understand democracy and their role as a citizen in a democratic society.She received their support and in 2004, she applied for a Faculty Resource Center Summer Institute grant including other faculty members Janice Adams, Sharon Hashimoto, Ceedy Jaja, and James Peyton for support.


Over summer they came up with different possibilities and ended with a number of activities and events.In order to get an audience and interest for these discussions, they needed to have faculty bring their classes.The faculty were very supportive when they saw that these topics related to their instructional purpose and would help students to improve their personal, professional, and civic lives.In order to facilitate classes coming to the discussions, the events were spread out across days of the week and hours of the day.Faculty brought their classes and had assignments designed around the discussions.The turn out was great and crossed disciplines and divisions.Outside speakers were very accommodating to adjust their schedules to come and speak to students.Having students hear from their elected officials and that they are paying attention to them is something they would not get in the news.They had the opportunity to have the speakers here to sit down and hear an extended conversation with these individuals.The goal was to get students to see that they have a role in a democratic society and that they will take action.


This has been a highly successful program with campus wide support and attendance but it takes a lot of hours of work to make it happen.At least two faculty have to initiate and guide the project and organize the series and events.Executive Staff has given their support and there has been good support and participation from faculty.The Thunderword was also supportive by writing articles each week on the events.


After the 2004 program, Susan wrote a proposal to the National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development (NISOD) to share what was done at HCC with other colleges.The proposal was accepted and in 2005 Susan and James gave a presentation at the NISOD conference to colleges from across the country.The colleges were very interested in how instruction and civic cross over.Faculty and staff have also gained from the speakers.Cross disciplinary discussions have occurred.The support of Executive Staff shows that this is important to the institution and important as part of the academic civic engagement and knowledge of citizenship and what it means to live in a democratic society.Handouts were distributed to the Board with the schedule of events and other information about reflections on this yearís program.





Larry Yok reported.

  • It is time for HCCís biennial information technology security audit.Dennis Colgan did an excellent job of putting together an 82 page detailed report and submitted it to the State Auditorís office for review.
  • Construction is continuing on the East parking lot and entrance to building 6.Most of that project was realignment of the main water line and replacement of the out of date, dangerous electrical system which was on schedule but stalled by the concrete strike.The project should be completed in the next couple of weeks.



Jack Bermingham reported.

  • Congratulations to Barbara Clinton, Speech faculty member.The award selection committee from the National Communications Association selected Barbara as the community college outstanding educator of the year nominated by her colleagues last spring.This is a terrific recognition.Not only is she very involved in the Honors Program, her efforts in her own discipline are significant.
  • The Defining Democracy initiative represents faculty participation from all the different divisions and across disciplines and programs.About ten years ago a general review of the curriculum focusing on the AA degree included a discussion about what was important for an educated person to get out of their experience in higher education.Part of that discussion led to the diversity/globalism requirement to the curriculum.In addition, the discussion focused on civic engagement and knowledge of citizenship and what it meant to be in a democratic society.This did not lead to a requirement but did create an idea that the College needed to create a larger dialogue as part of the academic intellectual environment at HCC so students would have an opportunity to hear different voices on different issues and understand that democracy is not just all about rights but it is about responsibility.Bermingham applauded his faculty colleagues who put lots of hours with a lot of their passion into these events which are an on going discussion on the campus.Giving a presentation at organizations like NISOD about this initiative gives an opportunity to share what ought to be part of best practices.Congratulations to Susan Landgraf and James Peyton and the many other people involved.


Institutional Advancement

Lisa Skari reported.

  • New Director of Communications and Marketing, Kelly Maloney, was introduced and welcomed.She has experience in marketing and branding working in the health community industry and is a resident of Federal Way for nine years.
  • Two years ago, a grant was submitted to the Department of Education called CCAMPIS (Child Care Access Means Parents in School) and we were notified we did not score high enough to be recommended for funding.A letter of congratulations was received a couple of weeks ago saying we had been recommended for an award.This grant will provide funding for subsidizing childcare costs for low income parents at 150% of the federal poverty level which equates to about 8,700 hours of childcare each calendar year.The funding is for three years.
  • The Foundation has retained the services of the Collins group, who have worked on capital and fund raising campaigns with many groups including museums and community colleges.Over the next six months, they are going to help put the MaST campaign together including not only the completion of the $500,000 capital portion of the project, but a $1 million endowment to have money set aside to have income every year to generate funds to do programming.The result will be campaign materials outlined with timelines and strategy for keeping donations going .
  • The Report to Community is complete and will be sent out in the next month.


Student Services

Toni Castro reported.

  • The clubs and organizations are up and running.
  • Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) has a new initiative called Voice Infusion designed to create a space for our diverse community to voice their personal experiences, poetry and other forms of expressive media.The first event had standing room only with over 50 faculty, staff and students participating.
  • Multicultural Services in the Intercultural Center is sponsoring a new program called Men of Vision, a partnership among a couple of faculty and staff members, Anthony Newton, Darryl Brice, Joshua Magallanes, and Gerald Jackson to establish a menís support and empowerment group to address menís issues and strategies to achieve their personal, academic and career goals.
  • There are a number staff members of Student Services exercising their leadership and professional development activities on a local, regional, and state level.†† Marie Bruin is the new President of Washington State Community College Womenís Council and the Council will be hosting a statewide conference at HCC next week.††
  • Gwen Spencer, Director of Educational Planning and Advising, will be recognized later this week by the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) in Indianapolis for her participation on the editorial board of NACADAís professional journal.Gwen is one of two members on the sixteen member board representing community colleges.
  • Siew Lai Lilley, Director of Transfer Programs, will graduate from the Executive Development Institute Leadership program in November and during the last year she has joined other multicultural business leaders and educators in the year long program that included active participation in community approved projects.Toni and a few others from HCC will be attending the graduation where Junki Yoshida, HCC former alumni, will be the keynote speaker.
  • Joshua Magallanes, Running Start Coordinator, participated in the new professional institute planning committee for the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA) and will be attending their Conference.
  • A letter of appreciation was received from the Washington Education Foundation, sponsor for the Washington Achievers Scholar Program.HCC has been a partner in this effort since 2001 since the program began.The letter thanked the offices of Admissions, Financial Aid, and Multicultural Services for mentoring these students.The sixth cohort enrolled this fall.The five previous cohorts served 135 students and the Washington Foundation has dispersed $550,000 in scholarship funds to HCC students.
  • Mustafa Bulale, a senior Running Start student, was accepted this summer to the highly competitive U Doc program, a six week summer enrichment program offered by the UW Medical School Office of Multicultural Affairs.This program is designed to serve disadvantaged under-represented students and to foster high school student interest in the health care profession to further explore health careers and get an introduction to college life.





Unscheduled Business



New Business




The meeting was adjourned at 11:05 a.m.


Next Regularly Scheduled Meeting of the Board of Trustees

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Trustees will be November 16, 2006.


††††††††††† 8:00 a.m.†††††† Study Session†††††††††††† Building 25, Room 411

††††††††††† 10:00 a.m.†††††† Meeting††††††††††††††††††††††† Building 25, Board Room




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