July 21, 2005



2005-06 Board Officers Elections

Strategic Initiative Report for Spring Quarter

Institutional Effectiveness Report

2005-06 Budget Approval

Summer Enrollment Report




Call to Order

Ed Davila, Chair, called the meeting to order at 11:35 a.m.


Roll Call

Members Present:                               Michael Allan

                                                            Elizabeth Chen

                                                            Edward Davila

                                                            J. Michael Emerson


Member Absent:                                  Rita Creighton


Attorney General Representative:       Derek Edwards


Approval of Minutes

Minutes of Board of Trustees’ Meeting, June 9, 2005 were approved.



·         The Highline Times is celebrating its 60th Anniversary at an event on August 17 at the Burien Elks Club.  The owner, Jerry Robinson, has been a long time supporter of the College and Dr. Bell encouraged the Board to attend. 

  • Richard Berndt from the Puget Sound Regional Council has arranged for a presentation to Highline on August 2 at 12:00 in Building 2 about the Prosperity Partnership draft regional economic strategy.  The presentation will be followed by a discussion for feedback and suggestions to improve and implement the plan in September.  The Board was invited to attend.

·         Because the Association of Community College Trustees national conference is in Seattle September 7-10, the Board meeting was changed to September 15 during Opening Week and now conflicts with some morning events.  The Board agreed to start the Board Study Session at 10:00 a.m. and the Board meeting following at approximately 12:00. 

·         The College received notification from the Northwest Commission that Highline’s submitted progress report satisfied Recommendation Three on learning outcomes and Recommendation Five on campus safety.

·         Dr. Bell welcomed Anne M. Laughlin, Constituent Liaison for U.S. Representative Dave Reichert to the Board meeting.  Congressman Reichert represents the 8th District and many students from that district attend Highline.  Ms Laughlin reported that the Congressman has a strong interest in higher education.  At the conclusion of the meeting, Dr. Bell gave Ms. Laughlin a tour of the Marine Science and Technology Center.




Associated Students of Highline Community College

No Report.


Washington Public Employees Association

Tenaya Wright reported.

  • A Job Representative meeting was held at Highline on July 9 from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • A district meeting was held at Highline on July 19 from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. and a chapter meeting will be held today from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.  Thanks were expressed to administration for their continuing support to use the campus for various WPEA meetings. 


Highline College Education Association

No Report.


Faculty Senate

No Report.




a.  Election of Board Officers for 2005-06.


It was moved by Michael Allan and seconded by Elizabeth Chen that the following be named Board Officers for 2005-06:


                        Chairman:                                                        Mike Emerson 

                        Vice Chairman:                                                Elizabeth Chen

                        TACTC Representative:                                  Rita Creighton

                        Legislative Representative:                             Ed Davila

                        HCC Foundation Board Representative:         Mike Emerson 


The motion carried.


b. 2005 – 2006 Budget


It was moved by Elizabeth Chen and seconded by Mike Emerson to approve the 2005-06 budget as presented to the Board subject to a review of the budget in September.


The motion carried.





Marie Zimmermann reported.

  • The Bridge to College Success Program is being implemented.  This is a college-wide initiative with Jeff Wagnitz as a representative from Instruction working with a team and with the cooperation from faculty in getting this project underway.  This program offers classes between summer and fall quarters targeting classes that will help students be more college ready when college fall quarter begins.  The generic flyer was distributed explaining the program.
  • An Exempt Compensation Task Force was formed by Executive Staff to work with a consultant to develop an exempt compensation recommendation with Marie Zimmermann as chair.  Marie expressed her appreciation and thanks to the other members of the Task Force working with the consultants interrupting their regular work and schedules to put time into the activity.  Committee members included: Toni Castro and Erik Tingelstad from Student Services; Lisa Skari representing Institutional Advancement; Connie Johnson from Administration; Jeff Wagnitz and Marie Zimmermann from Instruction; and Lorna Ovena as the ex-officio member.


General Administration

Marion Davis reported.

  • Dennis Colgan, Executive Director of Administrative Technology, was introduced and welcomed.  He started at Highline July 1 and came from South Seattle Community College.
  • Thanks were extended to Administrative Technology for making available spam filters for email across campus making a huge difference in blocking spam from email. 
  • The fiscal year 2004–05 is closing today. 


Institutional Advancement

Lisa Skari reported.

  • Recognition was given to Rachel Jamison, Program Assistant in the Foundation Office, for completing her accounting degree at Central Washington University this spring.  She will be leaving Highline and joining Shannon & Associates. 
  • Amy FitzPatrick, Office Assistant in the Communications and Marketing Office, has also been working on her degree and has resigned her position effective in August so she can go to school full time in the fall to reach her long term goal to become a lawyer. 
Student Services

Ivan Gorne reported.

  • Acknowledgment and recognition was given to the work by Jeff Wagnitz and his crew on the Bridge to College Success Program for putting together a new instructional program in a short period of time was a significant task and it is now being marketed for the College.  Acknowledgment was also given to Patty James for her assistance in sifting through lists of different categories of students to target the three different brochures being mailed to 1,300 students. 
  • He reported seeing an osprey near the tennis courts.   





Unscheduled Business



New Business




The meeting was adjourned at 11:55 p.m.


Next Regularly Scheduled Meeting of the Board of Trustees

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Trustees will be September 15, 2005.


            10:00 a.m.       Study Session              Building 25, Room 411

            12:00 Noon      Meeting                        Building 25, Board Room





______________________________            _________________________________

Ed Davila, Chair                                              Priscilla J. Bell, Secretary