January 20, 2005



Executive Session

Board Housekeeping Items

Change July 14, 2005 Board Meeting Date

Legislative Update


Strategic Initiative Report

Highway 99 Building




Call to Order

Ed Davila, Chair, called the meeting to order at 10:15 a.m.††


Roll Call

Members Present:††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Michael Allan

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Elizabeth Chen

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Edward Davila

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Arun Jhaveri


Members Absent:††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† J. Michael Emerson


Attorney General Representative:†††††† Derek Edwards


Approval of Minutes

Minutes of Board of Trusteesí Meeting, December 8, 2004 and Minutes of Special Board of Trusteesí Meeting on January 5, 2005 were approved.



On January 6, Dr. Bell was taped at Comcast studio for a TV spot that will appear on the Comcast local edition news interview which will be a lead-in to CNN News.It will be shown two times a day at different times of the day for the next two weeks.The interview was based on the key issue facing Washington State community colleges, access--encompassing tuition and transferability and capacity for community college students.A copy of the tape was available for the Board to view at the conclusion of the meeting.




Associated Students of Highline Community College (ASHCC)

Alicia Akerman and Paul Kalchik reported and distributed a written report to the Board.

  • Meet and Eat II was held on January 11 and 12 attended by over thirty evening students talking about issues facing them on campus.
  • The Services and Activities Budget Committee members have been selected and the budgeting process will begin next week.
  • There was a Club Fair and Legislative Breakfast on January 6.Five representatives attended the breakfast: Dave Upthegrove from the 33rd district, Shay Shual-Berke from 33rd, Zack Hudgins from the 11th and Skip Priest from the 30th and Senator Karen Kaiser.Four students spoke at the breakfast.
  • An invitation was extended to the Board to attend the Highline Student Union Grand Opening on January 25.
  • Several Student Government members will be going to Olympia tomorrow to participate in the SBCTC Legislative Ambassador Program.This program is to advise students when they are speaking to legislators how to listen and take part in the legislative process.


Washington Public Employees Association (WPEA)

Gum-Lai Ross reported.

  • There are three new Classified Staff employees: Miranda Mineard, Office Assistant in the Presidentís Office; Eliza Conger, Senior Secretary in Instruction; and Annette Haws, Social Worker I in the Child Care Department.
  • The fundraiser raffle at the Faculty and Staff Holiday Lunch resulted in $825 and 300 tons of food for the Des Moines Food Bank.Thanks were extended to Trustees, Ed Davila, and Mike Emerson, for participating in the raffle.
  • Some HCC Classified Staff attended the Staff Training for Technical and Community Colleges Conference at Clover Park Technical College in December.The theme was Educate, Enhance and Entertain.
  • Several Classified Staff attended the Extended Learning Notary Class to receive their official Notary Certification.
  • Several Classified Staff attended a workshop sponsored by the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce.
  • Representative Upthegrove requested and met with some Classified Staff members after the Legislative Breakfast to discuss their concerns.WPEA will actively keep the 3.2 percent raise scheduled for July 1, 2005 before him.
  • The Spring Event is being planned.
  • Several Classified Staff will be attending South Puget Sound Higher Education Diversity Partnership Institute Workshop on February 11 at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma.The theme is ďKnocking Down Walls . . . Move!Ē
  • Several new WPEA representatives will attend Job Representative Training.
  • Four WPEA Classified Staff Scholarships are available this quarter.


Highline College Education Association (HCEA)

Ruth Windhover reported.

  • At the beginning of this quarter, many Highline faculty have moved offices with the opening of the Higher Education Center.
  • HCEA is looking forward to the usual two meetings scheduled with administration this quarter to maintain open communication and discuss issues as they arise.
  • Some faculty will join with other Washington higher education members on Presidentís Day to go to Olympia and talk with our legislative boards to remind them of the need to support public higher education in Washington, not only in the interest of students but in the interest of faculty and staff as well.


Faculty Senate

Phil Droke reported.

  • Faculty Senate met for the first time this calendar year.There was discussion of graduation requirements relative to the lab science requirement.
  • The Senate is supportive of the recycling efforts of the College.




Approval of the Change in July 2005 Board of Trustees Meeting Date


It was moved by Arun Jhaveri and seconded by Michael Allan to change of the July 14, 2005 meeting date of the Board of Trustees to July 21, 2005.


††††††††††† The Motion carried.



Diversity in the Curriculum

Allison Green, Coordinator for Cultural, Gender, and Globalism (CGG) Studies Department presented a PowerPoint presentation to the Board on Institutionalizing Diversity at Highline.She gave a history of the Culture, Gender & Global Studies Department and the Diversity/Globalism Requirement at Highline Community College.


In 1994 when the faculty were developing outcomes for students across the board, a diversity outcome was included and around that time the Curriculum Odyssey 2020 (CO 2020) task force was working on general education requirements for the year 2020. They recommended that there be a diversity/globalism requirement which was eventually adopted and the requirement was actually implanted in 1999.Students who began in 1999 to earn an AA degree are required to get five credits of a diversity/globalism requirement. We donítí have a diversity/globalism requirement in the AAS degree or the professional technical programs although many of those programs are already infusing diversity into their curriculum.


When the Culture/Gender/Globalism Department was founded, it included womenís studies and ethnic studies classes or departments working closely with the administration to develop. The Strategic Plans in 1996 and 2001 have a strategic initiative to enhance a college climate that values diversity and global perspectives.There was a series of movements toward institutionalizing diversity into the curriculum.


There are 41 courses that meet the diversity/globalism requirement and students perceive that they are learning about cultural differences by use of a community college student experience questionnaire.The CGG faculty are active across campus participating in the Martin Luther King, Jr., Week, Unity through Diversity Week, and various conferences, lectures, and workshops throughout the year.Maintaining integrity of the requirement, assessing the impact of the requirement, and incorporating diversity issues into the AAS degree and professional/technical programs remain to be the challenges.The challenges for the CGG Department include assessment of outcomes, little time for the department work, and low enrollment in some classes.




Jack Bermingham reported.
  • Thanks were expressed to the Facilities Department and Administrative Technology for the fantastic job they did in moving up to 70 faculty into the Higher Ed Center and out of building 20 and into buildings 15 and 18.
  • Thanks were extended to the faculty that participated in Martin Luther King Jr. week activities to not only commemorate a great American but to bring his words and his values to life on campus as a community and equally important not to forget the intellectual integrity that his words and his values had and how much they ought to be a part of a learning environment.
General Administration

Laura Saunders reported.

  • With all of the faculty and staff that are moving in and out of new and old buildings, there was a lot of collaboration and cooperation across the departments of the College.The Student Union Building was ready to open the first day of winter quarter.Central Washington University will move into the Higher Education Center and be ready to start classes spring quarter
  • Discussions have been occurring with consultants on the East Coast about the possibility of getting wind power on campus.From time to time research is done on the economics of electric power generation and wind power.A report will be given when the research is completed.
  • For the last three months the State Board has recorded only one error on the part of our Business Office.This is an outstanding achievement.
Institutional Advancement

Lisa Skari reported.

  • Sherry Reichert and her staff in Communications and Marketing do a great job in getting press releases out to increase visibility of the campus.There were some great programs during Martin Luther King Jr. week and a significant amount of press was given on the activities in the The News Tribune.King Television will be coming to campus to cover a lecture organized by Joy Smucker on racial disparity in the criminal justice system given by King County Councilmember, Larry Gossett.
  • In addition, Sherry Reichert has been coordinating editorial board meetings with Puget Sound Business Journal and Seattle Times for Dr. Bell and Dr. McIntyre, President of CWU, to discuss the success of university centers.
  • Reminder, on January 24, the Breedersí Theater, T.M. Sell, Playwright, will present the play Viva Zavada at the E.B. Foote Winery in Burien to benefit the HCC Foundation scholarships.Tickets are still available.


Student Services

Ivan Gorne reported.

  • Highline Student Union food services cafeteria and Bistro opened up the first day of the quarter and the building is filled with students.An ATM machine has been installed.The evening Bistro is doing much better than was expected.
  • Jonathan Brown is the president of the Council for Unions and Student Programs, the acronym CUSP this year.

The Board commended Dr. Bell and the Executive Staff for all the work they are doing for the College including the visionary work on international education, capital improvement projects, community relations networking, and the services available to the students.The Trustees expressed their appreciation to Dr. Bell and the Executive Staff.


Unscheduled Business



New Business




The meeting was adjourned at 11:15 a.m.


Next Regularly Scheduled Meeting of the Board of Trustees

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Trustees will be February 10, 2005.


††††††††††† 8:00 a.m.†††††† Study Session†††††††††††† Building 25, Room 411

††††††††††† 10:00 a.m.†††††† Meeting††††††††††††††††††††††† Building 25, Board Room




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