January 15, 2004



Executive Session

Board Meeting Date Change

Legislative Agenda






Call to Order

J. Michael Emerson, Chair, called the meeting to order at 10:20 a.m.


Roll Call

Members Present:                              Michael Allan

                                                            Edward Davila

                                                            J. Michael Emerson

                                                            Arun Jhaveri


Member Absent:                                  Elizabeth Chen


Attorney General Representative:       Derek Edwards


Approval of Minutes

Minutes of Board of Trustees’ Meeting December 11, 2003, were approved.






Associated Students of Highline Community College

Kolesta Moore, reported.

·         First meeting with elected Senators was held and their training will begin on Friday the 16th.

·         ASHCC will be working on the following initiatives and committees:  S&A Committee; Health Committee (Smoking Policy); Student Book Exchange; Recycling; Reviewing and Revamping Students Rights and Responsibilities; and Safety and Security.  A flyer called The Guardian was distributed to the Board.  This publication highlights safety issues and was widely distributed on campus.

·         This year’s Legislative Breakfast was canceled due to the inclement weather and it will be rescheduled as some type of gathering before the end of the quarter.

·         ASHCC winter leadership retreat was a success with approximately 30 current and future student leaders in attendance with a theme of Passionate Leadership for the year.

·         First Friday’s Leadership Institute will be held the week of January 19 focusing on non-violence practices.

·         Thanks were extended to Pete Babington and the staff in the Facilities department for making the campus bearable during the weather disruptions by clearing snow from the walkways and parking lots and keeping the campus going during the electrical shutdowns.  Board Chair Mike Emerson also recognized the buildings and grounds crew and security for getting the campus in shape after the snow storm.


Washington Public Employees Association

Michelle Tuscher reported.

·         Thanks were extended for the support given on campus during the snow storm and power outages.

·         Bylaws Committee is working on updates to the HCC Chapter Bylaws that includes terms of office and elections.

·         Budget Committee is working on proposing the 2004 budget and will be presenting it to the members at today’s meeting.

·         The Food Drive resulted in donations for Des Moines Food Bank amounting to $903 and 743 pounds of food and are proud of the efforts that went into that.

·         WPEA is looking forward to working on the Committee for Smoking Policy to determine smoking areas and get that policy underway.

·         A list of 2003 community services involvement of the Highline Community College Classified Staff was distributed to the Board.  This list shows a wide range of things that the classified staff are involved in that gives back to the community.  Also attached was a list of WPEA involvement in the HCC Chapter and how they contribute to make HCC Chapter part of the community at HCC and work well.  Board Chair Emerson commended Michelle for recognizing the volunteerism of WPEA members and that is what makes HCC great.


Highline College Education Association

·         No report.


Faculty Senate

Phil Droke reported.

·         The first meeting of the Senate scheduled for last week was cancelled due to the College closure for the snow storm and they will be meeting next week.




Approval of Change in Board of Trustees Meeting Date for June 2004

It was moved by Arun Jhaveri and seconded by Michael Allen that the meeting date for June 10, 2004 be changed to June 9, 2004, in keeping with the tradition of holding the Board meeting on the same day of commencement which is scheduled June 9, 2004.


            Motion carried.





Student Services

Ivan Gorne reported.

·         Yesterday was the annual Principal/Counselor Day on campus where Outreach Department invites high school principals and counselors to campus to discuss issues relative to the service that counselors provide in educating their students about HCC on such issues as admissions and scholarship procedures.

·         Child Care Center and Student Union buildings are progressing as they should.

·         Club Fair was held with 300 students attending.  In the past two years in Student Programs the student ambassadors have gotten more students involved in volunteer activities in supporting the campus and the leadership program brought students to the leadership retreat last week with students that have no affiliation with student government or clubs just that they’re attracted to monthly leadership days.  This shows that students are getting more and more involved in extra curricular programs.  Fred Capestany is sitting in for Johnathan Brown who is on Paternity Leave after the birth of his second child.  Che Dawson, the basketball coach, is also a new father.

·         Transfer Day was held where four year college representatives come to campus.  Record number of students participated.  There were 103 responses to the survey.  Four-year representatives said our students asked very good questions and one-third of the attendees were first quarter students. 

·         Workshops by the counseling staff are held for students weekly on a variety of subjects including one for national screening day for depression in which 100 people came by and looked at the materials.

General Administration

Laura Saunders reported.

·         She is on the statewide bargaining committee for higher education for classified staff which is very time consuming with training.  Negotiations will start toward the end of the month.

·         During December, she participated in developing the capital budget request and on the statewide task force to present to the presidents’ group next month the capital projects for the upcoming budget cycles.  HCC projects included the Allied Health building, 70,000 sq. ft., which would support the biological sciences and the health programs.  The Allied Health Building also included a 600 car parking garage in the South Parking Lot.  The Allied Health building along with the Higher Education Center focusing on the earth sciences would put HCC on the leading edge of science education.  The request also included a replacement project for the Performing Arts building, 40,000 sq. ft., to replace building 4 for music and drama and to include building 1 with space for the president’s office and the business office.  Combining buildings 1 and 4 was the suggestion of Tom Henderson at the State Board.  Originally we had requested renovation of building 4.  The other project was for a $500,000 match to complete the Redondo pier.

·         The state on our behalf is presenting a letter of interest to develop a building on Highway 99 for some offices such as Extended Learning, Human Resources, and offices now located in the Omni building, with a potential occupancy of August 1. 

·         We are using an automated system for common schools to notify one place to announce school closures where people can go to check.  We also use the internal telephone tree early in the morning.

·         Before fall quarter, the Policy Development Council sent a recommendation of banning smoking on campus to Dr. Bell.  She accepted it and notified the campus that it would go into effect when designations of smoking areas were identified by an appointed committee.  This effort was initiated by the students. 

·         Met several times with the safety committee composed of representatives from all campus groups to discuss the drafted safety plan which they accepted and it was sent to the campus for comments.  By mid February when the Safety Committee meets again after the comments are received, we hope to have that plan approved and officially adopted.

·         We have recycled on campus for a long time but we have to pay to take the materials away.  The student committee perhaps will be able to help with that effort.  The market has changed dramatically over the past few years and the cost is substantial.  The big area is food waste and materials associated with that.  We want to try and use less paper products in the cafeteria and we are asking the new Student Union cafeteria to use less disposable products.

·         On time and under budget on all construction projects.  Higher Education Center should be completed winter quarter 2005, Student Union and Childcare Center open fall quarter 2004.


Institutional Advancement

Priscilla Bell reported.

·         Hired Sherry Reichert as Director of Marketing and Communications and she will start next month.  She is from South Seattle Community College and has admissions, public information, and outreach background and has good writing, marketing and communications skills.

·         Facts and Information brochure was distributed to the Board.

·         First in a series of CEO Breakfast will be on January 22 at 7:30 a.m. in building 2 in which we invite a CEO from an area business to meet with members from campus to make a presentation of needs of businesses in the area with an opportunity for staff to ask questions.  The first CEO will be Peter Horowitz from The Journal and the Board is invited to attend. 

Jack Bermingham reported.

·         Thanks were extended to Marie Zimmermann who did an outstanding job as interim vice president while Bermingham was on sabbatical fall quarter.

·         Busy time for faculty this quarter with the main focus on tenure.  There are 24 working committees that meet in the first five days of the quarter.  These committees have a lot of work with a lot of people involved and Bermingham acknowledged their work on those committees.

·         Enrollment has picked up in the last few days.  Cuts in budgets and classes means we are not as broad in our offerings and he acknowledged the willingness of faculty to accommodate students by taking overloads in their classes to help students.

·         MaST project moving along with lots of activities going on.  Upgrading equipment there.  The Center will have a significant impact on science education and on our community for children to get activities they do not usually get their hands on, as well as a community resource as a great learning facility.  Many people are putting a lot of energy in this Center.  For example, Rus Higley, the manager of the Center, noticed a problem at the Center on Christmas Day concerning a leak at the dock.  He called Bob Maplestone, Division Chair, and together they fixed the problem on Christmas Day so that the creatures would not have to be released.

·         Many faculty are involved in the activities planned on campus for Martin Luther King week next week.  

·         Bermingham extended thanks to his colleagues for making his sabbatical possible.  He will give a report on his sabbatical at an upcoming Board meeting.





Unscheduled Business

Trustee Jhaveri attended an international leadership association meeting as a speaker in November in Guadalajara, Mexico.  He was invited to attend a Jalisco legislative session.  He was presented with a clock by the speaker of the legislature and he in turn presented it to the College.  Jalisco is the sister state of Washington.  Trustee Davila added that a conference is being scheduled for May by Jalisco in Guadalajara.  The agenda is being developed and will include education and economic development.  Senator Cantwell will be invited to speak, Earl Hale will be attending, and Dr. Bell will be invited.  Details will be forthcoming.


New Business




The meeting was adjourned at 11:20 a.m.


Next Regularly Scheduled Meeting of the Board of Trustees

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Trustees will be February 5, 2004.


              8:00 a.m.       Study Session             Building 25, Room 411

            10:00 a.m.       Meeting                        Building 25, Board Room




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J. Michael Emerson, Chair                             Priscilla J. Bell, Secretary