June 9, 2005




Executive Session

2005-06 Budget

Students’ Activities Budget (S&A)

TACTC Meeting




Call to Order

Ed Davila, Chair, called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m.


Roll Call

Members Present:                              Michael Allan

Elizabeth Chen

                                                            Rita Creighton

Ed Davila

                                                            Mike Emerson


Attorney General Representative:       Derek Edwards


Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the regular meeting on May 12, 2005 were approved.




Dr. Bell extended congratulations to Lisa Skari for being named the alum of the year for the Federal Way Chamber Advancing Leadership project.  Ms. Skari has been very involved and made great contributions to the Federal Way community both in its Chamber and Rotary and will be Rotary president-elect next year. 




Associated Students of Highline Community College (ASHCC)

Alicia Akerman reported.

  • The Students Activities Budget Committee is presenting the budget to the Board today for approval.
  • The Students’ Rights and Responsibilities Committee has been working on revising the Student’s Rights and Responsibilities document and they intend to have that finished by the end of this summer. 
  • The Recycling Policy that Student Government has been working on for the past two years was accepted yesterday by the Policy Development Council.
  • Student Government elections were held and the new officers for next year are: President, Paul Kalchik; Vice President for Administration, Jared Tarabochia; Vice President for Legislation, Jacob Jennings; Treasurer/Club Diplomat, Julian Torres; Senators, Katie Hutchison, Alexander Bozhko, and Huy Pham. 
  • Thanks were extended to individuals who contributed in completing the Recycling Policy: last year’s Vice President for Legislation, Michelle Colepak; Senator Josh Oakley who led the committee this year and the environmental science professor, Woody Moses. 
  • The student awards ceremony received good feedback as a beautiful event in the new building.  There were 70 awards presented.
  • Alicia extended thanks to the Board for making her comfortable in giving her reports to the Board this year and she said goodbye. 


Washington Public Employees Association (WPEA)

Tenaya Wright reported.

  • A list of all classified staff members graduating with degrees this year was presented to the Board.  She gave the names and positions they hold on campus of each of the people who received their degrees.
  • The numbers of classified staff people receiving service awards this year are: 15 five-year pins; 5 ten-year pins; 9 fifteen-year pins; 3 twenty-year pins; and one thirty-year pin to Ronda Stafford. 
  • The next chapter meeting is on June 17 to discuss and educate people on the new contract that will become effective July 1. 


Highline College Education Association (HCEA)

Ruth Windhover reported.

  • Welcome was extended to new trustee, Rita Creighton. 
  • On campus HCEA has conducted a very successful membership drive this spring. 
  • HCEA sponsored two meetings explaining the merit steps which are for the upper end of the faculty salary schedule and insights on how to assemble the required portfolio to move from one column to the next.  The portfolio demonstrates excellence in a variety of aspects of the profession including teaching, service, professional development and leadership.  
  • HCEA members have been very active on the state level.  The legislature enacted the second substitute Senate Bill 5441 authorized formation of a steering committee to develop recommendations about how the state can best provide stable funding for early learning K-12 and public colleges and universities.  Two advisory committees were also authorized, one for K-12 and one for higher education.  These committees haven’t been formed yet but Bruce Roberts, an economics instructor and also a member of Highline’s bargaining team, has been recommended to serve on the higher education committee working on funding for public higher education. 
  • The legislature also passed a second substitute House Bill 1794 authorizing a pilot program where four community and technical colleges are authorized to offer a program of study leading to an applied baccalaureate degree and Ruth and Laura Saunders are serving on the State Board task force that’s developing the application procedures for that pilot.
  • The legislature also authorized the updating of the Best Practices Task Force to recommend best practices for part time faculty personnel administration.  Within the system, part time faculty deliver half of the instruction.  Two of Highline’s permanent part time instructors, John Fox in the philosophy department, and Eleanor Hartman in the writing department, served on the first task force.  Eleanor just retired from Highline after teaching for 25 years as a part time writing instructor.  Ruth will be serving on the current task force and another Highline part time writing instructor, Phil Jack, has been nominated to serve on that committee.  The first meeting will be held the last week of June.  The interim report is due to the State Board in the middle of November.  
  • On behalf of the HCEA Ruth thanked the Board for serving as trustees for the College.  The faculty understand and appreciate the crucial role they play in the life of the College


Faculty Senate
Phil Droke reported.
  • The Senate is anticipating next year’s statewide movement to a common course numbering system. 




a.  Resolution 69-05 Pertaining to Authorization to Expend Funds




(Pertaining to Authorization to Expend Funds)


Whereas, the new fiscal year will begin on July 1, 2005, and


WHEREAS, a final determination of the budget will not be made prior to the date of the June 9, 2005, Community College District 9 Board of Trustee’s meeting, and


            WHEREAS, students have enrolled for summer session that will begin on

June 20, 2005, and


            WHEREAS, the disruption of planned and scheduled activities could seriously hamper the College’s operations for the 2005-2006 College year,


            THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Trustees authorizes the President of Highline Community College and her designees to expend funds beginning July 1, 2005, to meet College needs at the same rate as in the 2004-05 approved budget, or as specifically authorized by legislative action to take effect July 1, 2005.


It was moved by Mike Emerson and seconded by Rita Creighton to approve Resolution 69-05 Pertaining to Authorization to Expend Funds beginning July 1, 2005.


Motion carried.


A copy of Resolution 69-05 is filed with the official minutes.


b.  Student Activities Budget 2005-2006


It was moved by Elizabeth Chen and seconded by Mike Emerson to approve the Students’ Activities Budget for 2005-06.


Motion Carried.


A copy of 2005-06 Students’ Activities Budget is filed with the official minutes.


c.  2005 Addendum to President’s Contract


It was moved by Michael Allan and seconded by Mike Emerson to amend the presidential contract between Highline Community College Board of Trustees and Dr. Priscilla J. Bell effective July 1, 2004 through and including June 30, 2007.


The motion carried.


The Board extended their appreciation and thanks for the job that Dr. Bell is doing as President of Highline Community College.





Jack Bermingham reported.

  • Dr. Bermingham expressed his appreciation for all the great work that Scott Hardin, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, has provided on the leadership of the student retention initiative.  He also expressed his appreciation to the faculty working on this initiative--Ruth Frickle from Social Sciences; Jessica Gilmore from Business; Kathy Oberg from Health, PE & Education; Bob Maplestone from Pure & Applied Sciences; and Larry Blades from Writing.   
  • Yesterday the newly tenured faculty reception was held with four faculty being recognized, Katie Gulliford from Chemistry, Laura Manning from Speech, Ron Sabado from Accounting, and Tina Ostrander from Computer Science.  Thanks were expressed to all those involved in getting them through the tenure process and to Elizabeth Chen for attending and addressing those attending the reception. 
  • Thanks to Nancy Warren for her outstanding leadership in the annual successful spring festival career fair.
  • Two division chair elections were held this quarter.  Allison Green, Writing Instructor was elected to replace Lonny Kaneko in Arts and Humanities.  Kathy Oberg was re-elected as the division chair for Health, PE & Education Division.  
  • A pilot transition program for developmentally disabled students is ending.  This program was a collaboration with the schools and HCC’s developmentally disabled program directed by Judy Perry.  Lisa Turner did an outstanding job leading the pilot program.  The transition program highlighted ten developmentally disabled students from three different school districts and by the end of the year eight of them were employed.  Jeff Wagnitz did the presentation on the collaboration and employment is the objective.  Most disabled students come out of schools at 18-21 years of age and are not prepared for employment.  This program is designed to transition them into employment.  It is a terrific program with a terrific outcome and work is being done to expand it.  This is done with a collaboration of a number of county agencies.  It is another area in which the College is involved in the community which is very special to those individuals and the lives of their families.


General Administration  

Laura Saunders reported.

  • Marion Davis, Director of Financial Services introduced the Board to Sherry Stroud, the new accounting manager, who started three weeks ago. She joins HCC with experience in the insurance industry with a strong background in accounts payables/accounts receivable. 
  • Dennis Colgan has been hired as the Executive Director of Administrative Technology and will start on July 1.  He’s from South Seattle Community College and has lots of experience in community colleges and will replace Don Cowan, interim director for the past eight months. 
  • A firm was hired to clean up the water retention pond area and the blackberry bushes have been removed.  There are a lot of ducks in the pond area.
  • Laura will be on sabbatical for the summer and back on campus in September.  Marion Davis will be her substitute during that time. 


Institutional Advancement
Lisa Skari reported.
  • During the month of June, Communications and Marketing have arranged for ad spots promoting summer and fall enrollment on radio stations KUBE, KISS, KISW. 
  • Marc Lentini will be doing special things on the HCC webpage so web driven people can get specific information regarding the programs.  These will then be followed with direct mail pieces to target Running Start students and evening classes.
  • The Donor Recognition event will be October 3 at the SeaTac Marriott.
  • Compliments to Foundation Board members Dianne Summerhays and Vern Warmbo supported by Rod Stephenson focusing on building the Board membership.  Lori DeVore, voted Federal Way’s favorite real estate agent, will be joining the Board this month. 
  • October 25 is the date for the Central Washington University/Highline Community College Higher Education Center grand opening.  Governor Gregoire has been invited.


Student Services

Ivan Gorne reported.

  • Commencement today will be in the new Tacoma Convention Center.
  • Educational Planning and Advising Transfer Center recently reported that about 52% of Highline students go to college orientation, the Running Start orientation or the considering college orientation. 
  • The top four transfer schools are the University of Washington Seattle, Central Washington University Des Moines, University of Washington Tacoma, and Washington State University.  The largest number of students who go on to private college go to the University of Phoenix.
  • Accreditation efforts have expanded, Toni Castro, Associate Dean for Multicultural Diversity Student Services, with a group of individuals have gone to North Seattle Community College to talk to their team about the whole accreditation process and then Toni went back to talk to the Student Services group. 
  • Mariko Fujiwara, the Director of International Student Programs, returned from a recruiting trip.  The biggest drop in the international student enrollment has been from the students transferring from the Kaplan ESL program.  For the first time a member from Kaplan accompanied Mariko on the recruiting trip and it is hopeful that this feeder program to the international student program will improve its enrollment.  She visited the Jikei Group in Japan to work on providing a group study type of exchange program for students.  Drs. Jack Bermingham and Priscilla Bell met members of the Jikei Group while in Japan with the Community Colleges for International Development tour last year.
  • Jason Prenovost and Jamie Wells from Outreach and Erik Tingelstad from Career Services assisted with the spring festival career fair by getting about 700 high school students and some junior high students to attend.  HCC students also attended this career fair. 
  • As part of the enrollment management program there is a Mission Possible campaign with students that are new to the College.  Students are contacted in four different ways: letter, postcard, e-mail, and telephone call. 
  • A new scholarship program has been initiated with 47 high schools this spring in the HCC area to award scholarships to Highline Community College at $500.00 per quarter.  If the students continue to be active and academically successful, their award continues.   





Unscheduled Business



New Business




The meeting was adjourned at 11:00 a.m.


Next Regularly Scheduled Meeting of the Board of Trustees

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Trustees will be July 21, 2005.


            10:00 a.m.       Study Session             Building 25, Room 411

            11:00 a.m.       Meeting                        Building 25, Board Room


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Edward Davila                                                 Priscilla J. Bell, Secretary