June 9, 2004



2004-05 Operating Budget

2004-05 S&A Budget

Parking and Parking Fee Proposal

HECB Stragetic Master Plan Proposal

SBCTC Strategic Position Paper

Events of the Day

New Faculty Hires

2005 SBCTC Legislative Priorities



Call to Order

J. Michael Emerson, Chair, called the meeting to order at 10:15 a.m. 


Roll Call

Members Present:                               Michael Allan

                                                            Elizabeth Chen

                                                            Ed Davila

                                                            J. Michael Emerson

                                                            Arun Jhaveri


Attorney General Representative:       Absent


Approval of Minutes

The Board of Trustees’ Meeting minutes for May 12, 2004 were approved with the correction on page 4, first line that Highline had three teams instead of two teams competing in the Human Power Paper Vehicle competition.



·Ivan Gorne introduced John Dunn, Director of Athletics.  John introduced Robert Yates, Coach for the Cross Country Track Team and two team members, Melvin Jenkins and Alex Harcourt.  The Team won the NWAACC Championships in Spokane for the first time since 1989, with 10 individual winners and six of those were multi-winners.  Robert was named the Cross Country Coach of the Year and the Men’s Track Coach of the Year by NWAACC.  Robert presented the team trophy to Dr. Bell.   The Board extended their congratulations to the coach and athletes.

·Jack Bermingham introduced Dr. Mary Averett who was offered and accepted the position of Dean of Extended Learning after the College did a national search.  The Board extended their congratulations to Mary.




Associated Students of Highline Community College

Kolesta Moore reported and distributed a report to the Board.

·Student Awards Ceremony was very successful.

·Student Government elections ran smoothly and the 2004-05 new officers are:  Alicia Akerman, President; Christina Higashi, VP of Administration; James Turner, Treasurer/Clubs Diplomat; Paul Kalchik, VP for Legislation; Ilya Kaminsky, Senator; Joshua Oakley, Senator; and one Senator Position still open.

·Voter Registration was a success.  Student Government handed out approximately 500 voter registration forms.  Representatives Skip Priest and Dave Upthegrove came to campus and talked to students stressing the importance of voting.

·Spring Fair was successful and Student Government had 12 different speakers leading sessions regarding leadership on college campuses and what it takes to go from high school leadership to college leadership.

·The last installment of the First Friday’s Leadership Institute was held with three panelists, Representative Dave Upthegrove, Peggy Leporte and Carlos Gerrera giving suggestions on leadership. 

·This year’s Strike Back event was to help students become familiar and comfortable with protecting themselves and was well attended by staff and faculty as well.  The instructors spent three hours teaching self-defense moves to participants.  The event was put together with Home Alive, Women’s Programs, and Student Programs.

·The Student Health Committee initially started work with Student Government on the smoking initiative and decided that they wanted to make the campus aware of living a healthy lifestyle.  They put on a Health Carnival featuring Dr. Bob Baugher who spoke about HIV and Aids and the importance of health.

·Recognitions were extended by Student Government.  Dr. Bob Baugher was recognized by Christina Higachi for being involved in the Health Carnival—students went away from the event talking about what they had learned.  James Howell thanked John Dunn, Rick Hughes, Helen Buller, and Erik Baer for making the student awards ceremony run smoothly and easing the stress involved in doing the event.  Jason Prenovost, Jamie Wells, and Andrea Tinney were recognized by Rebekah Palmer for hosting various events at the Spring Fest.  Davidson Dodd and Laura Manning were recognized and appreciated by Michelle Kolpack for supporting the Candidates Forum by bringing their students and being involved with the elections.   Women’s Programs were appreciated by Stephanie Raghubeer for their help with Strike Back.

·Kolesta said good-bye as this year’s ASHCC President, she will graduate this evening.  The Board congratulated Kolesta and wished her well.


Washington Public Employees’ Association

Michelle Tuscher reported.

·Educational achievements of employees in WPEA included: Lynn Payle for her Master of Arts in Education from UW-Tacoma on June 11; and Carmelia Richardson for her Bachelor of Arts from Evergreen State College. 

·Thanks to the Classified Staff Training Committee for everything they did to set up the year’s special training days and thanks to the Administration for making training days available.  Thanks to Dr. Bell for making funds available for training for Classified Staff.

  • HCC staff was invited to attend the Green River Community College in-service day.  Thanks were extended to the support given by Administration, managers, and supervisors to make it possible for HCC employees to go to another college for training.  Also, thanks were extended to Green River Community College’s President, Richard Rutkowski; Executive Vice President, April Jensen, Vice President for Human Development, Brent Jones; Chair of Faculty In-Service Day Committee, Leslie Kessler; Chair of Classified Staff Training and Development Committee, and the Coordinator for Staff Training for Technical and Community Colleges, Region E, Catherine Rabold.


Highline College Education Association

No report.


Faculty Senate

No report:





a.  Adopt 2004-05 Operating Budget


It was moved by Michael Allan and seconded by Arun Jhaveri to adopt the 2004-05 Operating Budget.


The motion carried.


b.  Adopt 2004-05 Student & Activities (S&A) Budget


It was moved by Ed Davila and seconded by Michael Allan to adopt the 2004-05 Student & Activities Budget.


The motion carried.


Copies of the budgets are filed with the official minutes in the President’s Office.




Institutional Advancement

Lisa Skari reported.

·Thanks to the Trustees, Highline staff and students that attended the Gala on the 15th.  It was an incredible evening and with the help of Brandy Oto and Junki Yoshida, the Highline story was told in several different ways and connected with the audience and raised over $90,000 toward scholarships.

·The Foundation is celebrating a milestone clearing a one million dollar mark in assets.   

·The city of Federal Way took part in the June issue of the Washington CEO Magazine Regional Report which focused on the better companies to work for.  In order to connect with and be more visible within the Federal Way community, HCC partnered with Federal Way and were part of the narrative in the ad.

·At the last TACTC conference, one of Lisa’s colleagues from Cascadia gave a presentation on communicating strategic plans.  As part of that presentation, she collected materials from colleges across the state and said that Highline’s strategic planning process was the most comprehensive and well executed.  She spoke very highly of Highline as the right way to communicate a strategic plan with the breadth of the materials used and the effective communication technique of using key words.  This was a complement to the entire campus.



Jack Bermingham reported.

·Recognition goes to Amelia Phillips, Computer Information Systems faculty member for being awarded the prestigious Fulbright Scholar for next year.  She will be working with one of our partner institutions, Polytechnic of Namibia and chose the end of winter quarter and the rest of the calendar year to work as a Fulbright. 

·Yesterday the newly tenured reception was held and was very well attended which speaks highly of the community building quality that is inherent in our tenure process and because those who receive tenure accurately and genuinely believe that they got there and improved because the College has so much energy contributing to their success.  The reception is a nice recognition not only for those getting tenure but for those playing a big role in the individuals getting tenure.  Some of those getting tenure have already had a significant impact on the college.  Eena Hibbs who has run our Tutoring Center for the last several years became a full-time faculty member and continued to manage the Tutoring Center, which is in great demand and continues to grow, while she was in the tenure process.  Babs Cerna has led the Medical Assisting Program while she has been in the tenure process, a very successful program that has been growing over the past few years, a high demand in that area.  Sue Frantz, another faculty in the tenure process, was recognized by our All USA American student Donnie Schwendemann.  These are just some examples of the impact that these faculty are having on the College which make the institution as great as it is.


Student Services

Ivan Gorne reported.

·The annual Athletic Golf Tournament is this week.

·Women’s Programs has an annual spring auction which raised $3,700 for scholarships this year.  Plans are to set aside $1,500 of that money to start a fund for emergency child care needs for the child care center.

·The Spring Festival last month was the most successful we have had and other colleges are starting to imitate us.  A number of people from some other colleges came to observe what was going on this year.  The attendance numbers doubled this year and added junior high students attendees.  The Spring Fest was a great collaborative event.  Nancy Warren does a great job helping organize the career fair, and a number of faculty are involved.  The entire Pavilion is full of tables with four year college representatives, different employers, and this year a military academy. 



Laura Saunders reported.

·Construction update--the large buildings are progressing very well and when the Higher Education Center is finished and offices are moved in, Building 20 will be torn down.  Childcare Center is staying closer to schedule than the other buildings.  Opening events for the Childcare Center are being planned.  Student Union should be ready for full use by winter quarter.

·Planning for another Port of Seattle noise abatement project will begin for building 19.

·Parking lot expansion will begin very soon for the North Lot which will include some sidewalks on 236th.

·Redondo Dock construction design is underway.

·Summer construction plans are being planned and we will have to have at least one power outage.

·Fiscal year is coming to a close and budget planning sheets are out.





Unscheduled Business



New Business




The meeting was adjourned at 11:13 a.m.


Next Regularly Scheduled Meeting of the Board of Trustees

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Trustees will be July 8, 2004.


              8:00 a.m.       Study Session              Building 25, Room 411

            10:00 a.m.       Meeting                        Building 25, Board Room




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J. Michael Emerson, Chair                               Priscilla J. Bell, Secretary