December 8, 2004



Executive Session

Legislative Session

Bookstore Update

Board Housekeeping Items

Community Perception Survey Results




Call to Order

Ed Davila, Chair, called the meeting to order at 10:15 a.m.   He announced there will be an opportunity under New Business on the agenda if members of the audience would like to make a public comment.  They must sign in on the sheet at the door and comments will be limited to three minutes.


Roll Call

Members Present:                              Michael Allan

                                                            Edward Davila

                                                            J. Michael Emerson


Members Absent:                                Elizabeth Chen

                                                            Arun Jhaveri (Attended Study Session)


Attorney General Representative:       Derek Edwards


Approval of Minutes

Minutes of Board of Trustees’ Meeting, November 18, 2004 were approved with the addition to the agenda item New Business that Chairman Davila had instructed the Office of the President to keep the Board informed of the discussion with students regarding the sale of certain material in the Bookstore.  Administration updated the Board during the Study Session.


The Minutes of the Special Board of Trustees’ Meeting on November 17, 2004 were approved.


  • Laura Saunders introduced and recognized two employees, Andrea Thompkins, Supervisor, and Barbara Applegate, in the campus mailroom.  The two of them processed 10,000 pieces of mail in the shortened Thanksgiving work week of three days while two other people in the office were on vacation.  A great accomplishment and thanks were extended. 
  • Dr. Bell distributed the agenda to the Board for the celebration of the Puget Sound Early College Founders’ Day on December 6 at the Federal Way Campus.  The founders were recognized most of whom are from Highline Community College, including Dr. Bell, Jack Bermingham, Jeff Wagnitz, Sue Kelly, Alison Green, Derek Greenfield, Terry Meerdink, Karen Fernandez, and Michael Allen, and recognized Ann Joyce the Coach from Puget Sound Early College, Michael Silver working with HCC on a contract basis to establish good relationships with the K-12 administration, and Tom Murphy and Karen Dickinson from Federal Way district.  There are 55 students enrolled and they are excited about the program.  During the program, the students gave presentations of academic projects that they had done.
  • Chairman Davila announced that Dr. Laura Saunders will be recognized for the Distinguished Service Award through the Association as an outstanding administrator in the Washington State Community College System.  This award will be presented at Pierce College on February 24.  Congratulations were extended from the Board to Dr. Saunders.




Associated Students of Highline Community College (ASHCC)

Alicia Akerman reported and distributed a written report to the Board.

  • The Recycling Committee has completed a policy proposal and are planning to present it to Policy Development Council today.
  • CWU will be on our campus soon so Student Government went to Edmonds Community College to learn about how they are negotiating Services and Activities Fees with CWU on their campus and to learn from their experiences.
  • Student Government has been reaching out to special population evening students with disabilities on campus.  Tina Higashi and Alicia visited the College 100 class for students with disabilities to provide them with information on services and resources available to them on campus.
  • Upcoming events include the following:  Third annual Winter Leadership Retreat on January 7 and 8; Meet and Eat II with night students on January 11 and 12 evenings; and Highline Student Union Grand Opening will be January 25 to showcase the facilities.
  • Student Programs have moved into the new building.


Washington Public Employees Association (WPEA)

Lydia Bracco reported.

  • A list was distributed to the Board consisting of Classified Staff accomplishments supporting the campus and the communities for this past year. 
  • The Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough fund raiser was completed for the WPEA scholarship endowment fund for WPEA dues paying classified staff to help with educational costs for certificates and degrees.  There were 108 tubs sold with a net profit of $1148.80, last year’s profit was $1086.00.  Lois Ericksson was top seller selling 50 tubs.
  • The Annual Food Drive for the Des Moines Food Bank was coordinated by WPEA and Phi Theta Kappa.  The barrels were distributed throughout campus and the cash and cans will be counted and delivered to the Food Bank sometime this week.
  • The Classified Staff Training Committee reported that the training fund will have used over one half of the $10,000 allotment by the first of 2005.  The President’s fund of $10,000 is allocated by thirds, with one-third for winter, fall and spring quarters.  Fall quarter requests were over the allotment and Dr. Bell made up the difference, thanks to Dr. Bell.
  • The practice of inviting members of other colleges in Region E to training continues with the STTACC Winter Conference at Clover Park.  The HCC Staff planning to attend the training this year are Laquita Fields, Andrea Booker-Quantes, Cheryl Carino-Burr, Tenaya Wright, and Deana Michaud.


The Board was very impressed with the list of the Classified Staff accomplishments supporting our campus and our communities and they expressed their thanks.


Highline College Education Association (HCEA)

Ruth Windhover reported.

  • HCEA held a meeting last week with the faculty to discuss the new contract and explained its implementation because there were quite a few changes in the contract. 
  • The revised draft of the Constitution and Bylaws is almost ready to send out to the members and a membership meeting will be held in January.
  • In her role as the Higher Ed Chair for the WEA, she has been attending HECB meetings, State Board meetings, meetings of the Higher Ed Legislative Committees as well as others.  Yesterday she attended a sub-committee meeting of the State Board on its legislative agenda.  The Higher Ed Committee of the Senate no longer exists, it has been subsumed into an Early Childhood through Higher Education Committee chaired by Rosemary McAuliffe.  Craig Pridemore is the Vice Chair for the Higher Ed Committee and is new to the Senate replacing Don Carlson and is from the Vancouver area and has ties with Clark Community College.  They will be talking to him as soon as possible about higher education in Washington and are looking forward to working with him.  Phyllis Kenney continues as the chair of the House Higher Ed Committee and they are looking forward to working with her.


Faculty Senate

Phil Droke reported.

  • The Senate has not been considering anything of importance during the course of the last quarter.  A couple of meetings have been cancelled because there was lack of an agenda. 
  • There has been a movement at the state level to get some common course numberings among colleges.  It is felt by most HCC faculty that the book with comparable courses is adequate.
  • There is some discussion continuing about the reciprocity agreements among the community colleges to recognize each other’s programs as being acceptable in fulfilling requirements of students transferring between community colleges as opposed to just transferring from the community colleges and the four year colleges.
  • Last month he attended the state faculty meeting in Kirkland and there was nothing in particular to report.  Highline Community College faculty compared to other colleges in the state has good support from and relationship with administration.




Approval of the 2005 Board of Trustees Meeting Dates


It was moved by Michael Allan and seconded by Mike Emerson to approve the meeting dates of the Board of Trustees for the calendar year 2005 for publication in the Washington State Register as follows:


January 20, 2005

February 10, 2005

March 10, 2005

April 14, 2005

May 12, 2005

June 9, 2005

July 14, 2005

August 2005-NO MEETING

September 15, 2005

October 13, 2005

November 10, 2005

December 8, 2005


            The Motion carried.





Student Services

Ivan Gorne reported.

  • The first function was held in the Highline Student Union yesterday for faculty and staff from CWU who will be relocating to the Higher Education Center and HCC giving time for interaction.  Tours of the new buildings were conducted.  
  • All the athletic teams did well this season, the Volleyball Team was more successful than was anticipated considering the number of players they had.  Congratulations to Jason Prenovost, Soccer Coach and Director of Outreach Services, for being selected as the Northwest Athletic Association of Community and Technical Colleges Coach of the Year.
General Administration

Laura Saunders reported.

  • Patty James, Director of Institutional Research, is coordinating the re-hosting for HCC.  By the start of the new fiscal year all the community and technical colleges will have moved all of their existing operational systems--payroll, personnel, finances, student services--from the existing hardware platform which is no longer being supported by HP onto a new platform. 
  • This is useful in the long run as it will enable us to begin rewriting a number of these programs many of which are legacy programs from the mid 80’s into more contemporary languages and provide the type of service  and support that we now know and need.  This is being coordinating out of the CIS and each campus has a coordinator.  Around April 23 we will stop one system and start another.
  • There is a recommendation coming out of the national printer for educational statistics to accumulate a massive student by student federal record database to be used at the federal level.  There have been stories in the newspaper about this.  Some states already have a statewide database for our public schools, this state does not.  There are a lot of implications for us about privacy protection data and we’ll be concerned with that.  Laura is participating on some initial reaction panels. 
  • The Bookstore and Student Programs have moved into the Student Union Building.  We do not have a permanent certificate of occupancy yet but occupancy should be opened up on Monday and the building should be up and operating by the first of the quarter.
  • The Higher Ed Center has occupancy permit and people can move in but moving in will take place winter quarter.
Institutional Advancement

Lisa Skari reported.

  • On January 14, HCC will be hosting the Southwest King County Chamber’s monthly luncheon which will be when Dr. Bell will be taking over the Chair position of the Southwest King County Chamber.
  • Pat Cashman will be our speaker for Commencement.
  • At the CWU event on campus, someone came from a new publication called The South County Business Report and spoke with Jack Bermingham and Priscilla Bell as well as some faculty and took some pictures.  Highline will get some exposure in their publication next month in the education edition.
  • The Seattle Times called about ESL offerings and enrollment and information was provided to them.
  • The Federal Way Mirror called looking for an expert on political science for some information regarding the recount.  Davidson Dodd will be providing them the information.
  • Community College Times, a national publication called to ask for information about a couple of HCC students and their web startup that these students created for an online business.  They are worker retraining students who participated in Phi Theta Kappa and received their business AAS degrees.  This showcased the Small Business Development Center and the worker retraining program.


Jack Bermingham reported.
  • Thanked Dr. Bell and Lisa Skari for their efforts is getting the programming funds for the MaST, an exciting project and an on-going instructional program.  The faculty have been very engaged in what the possibilities can be, not only in their classrooms but programmatically and how it ties to their curriculum and how it will evolve with opportunities at community curriculum education and to make these resources something that is going to be extraordinary for our communities that is tied to schools and to the public.
  • This has been a successful quarter for the athletic programs, the performing arts and drama. 
  • The Enrollment Management Initiative has involved a number of people attending a conference including Ivan Gorne, and Scott Hardin, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, leads the instruction side on that with a couple of faculty, Shannon Proctor and Kathy Dunn, a team across Instruction to develop some expertise on that.
  • The Puget Sound Early College is an innovative program, a nice collaboration, and an important resource in our community.  Jeff Wagnitz took the lead in making this collaboration with the Gates Foundation and multiple school districts and administration and has done a great job.
  • The CWU event yesterday was very successful in terms of the number of CWU people that weathered the pass to attend as well as the faculty on the west side and from Highline with 100 people attending.  Thanks were extended to his assistant, Carrie Jolicoeur, for coordinating the event and also to the help of Sue Kelly who works for Jeff Wagnitz, Sandy Moser, Pete Babington, Chris Brixey, and Jonathan Brown.  It was great opportunity to get them into the new Student Union building.
  • Derek Greenfield, sociology instructor, teaching in South Africa this quarter and was able to run an interactive video conference with students  Derek has only been back for three days and Dr. Bermingham has received a number of emails from Cape Tecknikon and one was quoted as saying, “Derek has a positive and sensitive approach toward teaching and learning and prepares well and his style of presentation is brilliant.”  He recognized the great work that Derek did in furthering our partnership.

As an end of the year comment, Chairman Davila thanked Dr. Bell for all her hard work for 2004 and the Executive Staff, Jack, Ivan, Laura, and Lisa, for the outstanding job in accomplishing goals and going beyond them and the Board is very proud of them and happy to have them at Highline.  The Board is looking forward to 2005.  Thanks to Derek Edwards for the legal advice he has given the Board and thanks to Sandy Moser for providing materials for the Board.


Unscheduled Business



New Business




The meeting was adjourned at 11:05 a.m.  




Next Regularly Scheduled Meeting of the Board of Trustees

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Trustees will be January 20, 2005.


              8:00 a.m.       Study Session             Building 25, Room 411

            10:00 a.m.       Meeting                        Building 25, Board Room



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Edward Davila                                                 Priscilla J. Bell, Secretary