October 9, 2003



Executive Session

New Faculty Hires

Review of Tenure Process

10th Day Enrollment Report

Construction Update

2004 Commencement Plans

Year End Financial Reports

2004-05 Budget Development Process




Call to Order

Ed Davila, Vice Chair, called the meeting to order at 10:10 a.m.


Roll Call

Members Present:††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Michael Allan

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Elizabeth Chen

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††† Edward Davila

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Arun Jhaveri


Members Absent: †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† J. Michael Emerson


Attorney General Representative:†††††† Derek Edwards


Approval of Minutes

Minutes of Board of Trusteesí Meeting for September 11, 2003, were approved.



         Ellen Hofmann, Instructor in the World Language Department, introduced this yearís exchange faculty member from China, Xiao Ling Yung Yang, from Shanghai, China.She comes to HCC from Jiao Tong University, and has a Bachelorís Degree in English Literature and a Masterís Degree in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics.She has taught in Shanghai for eight years.Ms. Yung Yang thanked the Board for the opportunity to teach at Highline.

         Marie Zimmermann introduced the new faculty to the Board: Chris Brandmeir, Hotel & Tourism Management; Michael Girvin, Accounting; Elise Muller-Lindgren, Nursing; Grisha Stewart, Math; Stephen Washburn, Adult Basic Education GED; Tarisa Matsumoto-Maxfield, Writing and Asian American Studies; Woody Moses, Biology and Oceanography; Amber Rowe, Physical Education and Womenís Basketball Coach; Teresa Trillo, Nursing Program; David Madsen, Drafting and CAD; and Dan Drischel, Human Services.

         Marie Zimmermann introduced Dr. Mary Averett, Interim Dean for Extended Learning.Dr. Averett is on loan to HCC from Community Colleges of Spokane where she has served as Dean for Extended Learning.Dr. Averett will remain with HCC for the academic year.






Associated Students of Highline Community College

Kolesta Moore, ASHCC President, reported.

         The pre-fall quarter training for Student Government was very intense, including over 80 hours of training.ASHCC was the first student government group to participate in the Washington State Programming and Leadership Institute.

         Strategic Planning for 2003-04 will be focusing on physical and operational changes in Safety and Security; continued support for the Student Union Building; and support for a campus-wide smoking policy.New issues that ASHCC will focus are: a student book exchange; recycling; a student concerns process; and reviewing and revamping students rights and responsibilities.

         ASHCCís activities for fall quarter include hosting a Clubs Fair with over 600 students participating, providing welcome back tables with over 1500 participants, and hosting a Welcome Back BBQ for students.

         ASHCC approved 13 clubs and organizations at their last meeting, which is double the number from last year.

         ASHCC administered First Fridayís Leadership Institute, a new all-campus student leadership training program.There are over 40 participants.

         ASHCC will be providing club training, completing the current student government team with Senator elections, and have been providing informational meetings on campus.

         Student Government is gearing up for future events such as the opening of the New Student Center next year and the development of a new smoking policy that will balance a healthier campus with the needs of those who do choose to smoke.

         Thanks were extended to Pete Babington, Director of Facilities, for being so supportive and student-oriented, and Zrinka Sloskovic, for her wonderful design of the new Student Handbook.


Faculty Senate

No report.


Washington Public Employees Association

Michelle Tuscher reported.

         WPEA is holding fundraisers for the Foundation Endowment, including cookie dough sales and Westfield Works Wonders, where WPEA sells tickets to a special night of shopping at Southcenter.

         WPEA is very pleased to have Dr. Mary Averett as the Interim Dean of Extended Learning.

         Ms. Tuscher introduced Gary McCune, the Chair of the Classified Staff Training Committee.Mr. McCune explained that the committee manages the Classified Staff Professional Development Fund, amounting to $10,000.00.The committee consists of five elected WPEA members, each serving two year terms, two exempt employees who serve appointed positions, and the Executive Director of Human Resources.The committee has worked hard at raising awareness of the fund among classified staff, because until last year the fund was never completely used.Last year the fund was depleted by February, prompting a review of how monies are allocated so that they can serve the most people and support job specific training.The committee changed the maximum per person dollar amount from $500 to $400, created a two level priority system with the first priority being job specific training and the second priority for all other professional development, and stopped funding organizational membership fees.The committee has had a very positive response from the employees but the concern has been supporting those employees taking courses to pursue degrees because often their requests would fall under Category 2 funding.After much thought, the committee decided to go ahead and implement the plan on a one year trial basis.

         Last month, Dr. Bell met with the Classified Staff Training Committee and told them she wanted to create another fund of $10,000.00 from the Presidentís Contingency Budget to support classified staff pursuing degrees and certificate programs.This fund will have the same requirements as the Administrative/Professional Staff Professional Development Fund whereby employees would submit requests for funds once per quarter, no maximum per person per year, with a reimbursement rate for out of pocket expenses for tuition, books and fees of 50 percent for attendance at a public institution and 40 percent at a private institution.In honor of Dr. Bellís on going commitment to professional development for Highline, the committee has named the fund the Presidential Education Fund.Dr. Bell has committed $10,000.00 for 2003-04 and another $10,000.00 for 2004-05.


Highline College Education Association

Ruth Windhover reported.

         Ms. Windhover thanked Marie Zimmermann for working so well with HCEA this quarter.

         The last week of the month is Campus Equity Week, an international week dedicated to honoring part-time employees by recognizing the part-time faculty and disseminating information about their status.Ms. Windhover stated that technical and community colleges in the State of Washington are inadequately funded and they try to solve the problem by having many of the classes taught by part-time instructors.The part-time instructors are poorly paid and have no job security.Highline College has responded very well to this challenge.HCCís part-time instructors have many benefits that other campuses do not provide, such as office space, access to computers, e-mail accounts, telephone extensions, and access to professional development.Highline, in comparison to the 34 community colleges in the state, is sixth in salaries for part-time instructors.During Campus Equity Week, there will two meetings with part-time instructors to talk about issues relating to being a part-time instructor.




No action items.




Campus Climate Survey

Patty James, Director of Institutional Research, reported.

         In support of Strategic Initiative #4, HCC administered the first Campus Climate Survey in spring and fall of 2001 with a response rate of 40.1%.A second survey was administered in spring of 2003, with a response rate of 52.7%, which included the original 10 items from the 2001 survey, and added an additional 27 items, clustered under the categories of College Climate, Communications, Decision Making, Personal Work Environment, and Professional Development.

         The 2003 survey responses indicate that expectations are being met or nearly met for 25 of the 27 new items; employees responding to the survey believe that HCC is a good place to work; employees have sufficient access to communicate with their vice president; decisions are aligned with the HCC mission; co-workers respect diversity; and employee professional development efforts are supported.

         Employee expectations not being met are in the area of utilization of employee input in decision-making and timeliness of decisions.

         The survey results indicate progress has been achieved toward improving the college climate since 2001.In the 2003 survey, Highline employees responding to the survey indicate high levels of agreement that their expectations are being met.

         There is an Institutional Research Advisory Group consisting of Ivan Gorne, Marie Zimmermann, Laura Saunders, Jeff Wagnitz, Larry Blades, James Peyton, and Bob Maplestone.One of the goals of the group is to establish priorities in order to balance work loads.A new process flow has been created in order to handle how research questions will be addressed.

         This is not a plan that will sit on the shelf.The employees have been asked to stay involved in the process and encouraged to continue to bring their suggestions to Administration in keeping Highline Community College a positive working environment.


Strategic Plan Accomplishments

Priscilla Bell reported.

         The Board was given an opportunity to ask questions on the Strategic Plan Accomplishments report distributed to them at the September meeting.There were no questions.




Marie Zimmermann reported.
         The University of Washington-Seattle has changed the transfer agreement for community colleges.Ms. Zimmermann distributed a fact sheet to the Board, and summarized the information.In the past, if any HCC students completed an AA with a grade point of 2.75 or higher, the policy was that they be admitted to the UW-Seattle.At this point, the UW-Seattle has added some additional criteria in order to pare down the number of students admitted. Ms. Zimmermann pointed out that Western Washington University admitted 80% of AA transfer students last year, showing that this policy is actually an issue that has been in place for a while and therefore is really not a new issue.

         The Education Department at Highline has received a Higher Education Board grant in the amount of $75,000.00, which will help develop and pilot a weekend cohort program for teacher education.This is a project where people who are already employed in K-8, can upgrade their credentials and move into different positions.Kathy Oberg, Alice Madsen and two part-time faculty in the Education Department will be implementing this program.Jeff Wagnitz and Sue Nelson put a lot of work into the proposal.


Student Services

Ivan Gorne reported.

         Marie Bruin who coordinates the Student Services portion of the WorkFirst Program and who is also the Interim Director of Womenís Programs, has responded to a contract proposal from the Employment Security Department for $30,000.00 funding to provide training for job readiness skills, specifically computer skills.

         Thunderweek was terrific.The goal was to change from an arena-type orientation during Opening Week as used in the past to more orientation programs during the summer and at other times during the year.This has been successful and they are reaching more students.Response from students, staff and faculty was very positive.

         As a result of a sabbatical taken by Joyce Riley, Director of the Childcare Center, a kindergarten group from Germany has been corresponding via email with HCC childcare students.


General Administration

Marion Davis reported.

         The construction of the Higher Education Center is on schedule and there will be a major concrete slab pour on October 30 at the site.Many bids have opened for subcontractors and the project appears to be on budget.There was a worker injured on the project yesterday, but the injury was not serious.

         The Childcare Center is on schedule and on budget.

         A campus-wide electrical shut-down will be on November 11, Veteranís Day Holiday and no classes.

         There are 591 students who have taken advantage of the STEP program, a tuition payment plan which stretches the payments out over a number of months in lieu of having to pay the entire amount up front.


Institutional Advancement

Lisa Skari reported.

         The Dock open house was attended by over 50 people consisting of an equal number of campus and community people.On the Saturday following the Open House, there was a very large turnout at The Department of Natural Resourcesí presentation on Salmon & You.

         The Circle of Honor will be held on October 16, 6:30 p.m. at the SeaTac Marriott.A Lifetime Corporate Award and a Lifetime Service Club Award will be presented to two organizations that have given the largest gifts.The Corporate Award will be given to The Boeing Company and the Service Club Award will be given to the Seattle Soroptimists.


Discussion - None.


Unscheduled Business

         The Board and the Assistant Attorney General reviewed the Vacation Leave Repurchase Policy for the College President in the Study Session.

         It was moved by Michael Allan and seconded by Elizabeth Chen that Highline Community College Board of Trustees adopt the policy before it to buy out some or all of the accumulated leave for the College President in excess of 160 hours, in accordance with the provisions of the proposed policy.


The motion carried.


New Business




The meeting was adjourned at 11:55 a.m.


Next Regularly Scheduled Meeting of the Board of Trustees

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Trustees will be November 13, 2003.


††††††††††† 8:00 a.m.†††††† Study Session†††††††††††† Building 25, Room 411

††††††††††† 10:00 a.m.†††††† Meeting††††††††††††††††††††††† Building 25, Board Room



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J. Michael Emerson, Chair†††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Priscilla J. Bell, Secretary