November 13, 2003



Executive Session – Continuation of Tenure Probation Recommendation

Master Plan Review

Update on Safety & Security

Enrollment Analysis

First Quarter Financial Reports

Construction Update





Call to Order

J. Michael Emerson, Chair, called the meeting to order at 10:10 a.m.


Roll Call

Members Present:                              Michael Allan

                                                            Elizabeth Chen

                                                            Edward Davila

                                                            J. Michael Emerson


Members Absent:                                Arun Jhaveri


Attorney General Representative:       Derek Edwards


Approval of Minutes

Minutes of Board of Trustees’ Meeting October 9, 2003, were amended to correct the spelling of Xiao Ling Yang spelled Yung under Correspondence.  The minutes were approved as amended.



Lisa Skari reported. 

·         District 10 of The National Council for Marketing and Public Relations held their Medallion Awards two weeks ago.  There were 115 entries for awards, and Highline received a Gold Medallion in one category.  Cherie Crowley, Senior Designer in Communications & Marketing at HCC, explained that their entry was in the category of Best Brochure or Flyer in one or two colors.  The brochure that they entered was one that they created for Phi Theta Kappa.  The District thought that the flyer was very interesting and well put together, winning Gold in the category.  The Board extended their congratulations.

·         Junki Yoshida, HCC 2003 Distinguished Alumni, has been selected as one of six national outstanding alumni of the year by the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC).  There were over 150 nominations. He will be honored at the national convention in April. 




Associated Students of Highline Community College

Michelle Kolpack, Legislative Vice President of ASHCC reported.

·         Student Government has been working diligently to investigate the fraudulent activity of the senator elections, which had to be invalidated.  All of the senatorial candidates who ran in the first election will be running again.  Student Government should be complete with its three senators within the next two weeks. 

·         ASHCC has pushed back the date for the orientation of Highline senators due to the process of re-elections, but the outline for the content of the orientation is in place and ready to be implemented.  The senators will be trained and knowledgeable with regard to practices of ASHCC and the team will be a solid entity.

·         Issues that ASHCC has decided to pursue for committee orientation are the Health Committee (specifically the smoking policy), Safety and Security, Student Rights and Responsibilities, Recycling and Student Book Exchange.  The first meeting for each of these committees will be completed by the end of next week.

·         Student Government is currently working to obtain opinions from the ASHCC council to report to the Policy Development Council with regard to the policies that have been presented.

·         Current activities that are underway are First Fridays Leadership Institute, senator re-elections, senator training, and committee formation.

·         Thanks were extended to Frank Cunningham of Administrative Technology for his incredible help with increasing the security of on-line elections, and to Monica Luce and the library staff for their cooperation with the senator elections by allowing them to post election publicity throughout the library.


Washington Public Employees Association

Michelle Tuscher reported.

·         WPEA is holding its annual food drive this year.  Thanks were extended to Linda Benzel food drive chairperson and to her husband, Larry.  Larry volunteered to pick up and deliver 400 lbs. of food that was collected by the Nursing students.

·         The WPEA Craft Bazaar will be held November 24 and 25.

·         The WPEA membership is currently reviewing policies presented by the Policy Development Council.  WPEA hopes to have all of their input gathered by next week.

·         Ms. Tuscher introduced Ronda O’Brien, Lead Switchboard Operator, who has been a member of WPEA for 16 years and currently chairs the Hospitality and Events Committee.  Ms. O’Brien welcomes every new employee personally, gives them a gift, informs them of the WPEA meeting schedule and encourages them to participate and attend the meetings.  She also sends cards to all members if they’re out on prolonged illnesses or injuries, deaths in the family, new babies, etc.  Last year, Ms. O’Brien chaired the WPEA raffle that benefited the Des Moines Food Bank.  She also plans events for the campus that are not just inclusive of WPEA members in order to promote camaraderie across campus, such as nights at the theater, white water rafting trips, baseball games, days at the races, etc.  The Board extended their thanks to Ms. O’Brien for her hard work and commitment to Highline spirit.


Highline College Education Association

Ruth Windhover reported.

·         Ms. Windhover attended the League of Education Voters last month in order to see what the League had to say about salaries for faculty and staff.  They had some interest in merit pay for teachers, but they said that raising awareness of faculty and staff salaries and increasing compensation for faculty and staff was something that they were not directing their efforts towards, leaving that role for the unions to handle.

·         Nominations are currently open for HCEA Executive Board Officers.  There is currently one nomination per office, so the probable list of officers will be Ruth Windhover as President, Allan Walton as Vice President, Glen Avantaggio as Secretary, and Amal Mahmoud as Treasurer.

·         Last month, Ms. Windhover discussed HCEA’s efforts in terms of raising awareness of part-time instruction on campus.  She presented a report to the Board that gives a historical view of the use of part-time faculty at community and technical colleges throughout the state, and a more focused view of Highline’s use of this faculty.  The conclusions are that while part-time instructors are not well compensated and their working conditions are far from optimum, relative to their treatment at other community and technical colleges throughout the state, Highline does very well.




a.         Tenure Recommendation

Dr. Bell, having given due consideration to the recommendations of the Tenure Review Committee recommended to the Board:


            THAT Probation be continued for the following second-year probationer:


                                    Donna Rydberg


It was moved by Ed Davila and seconded by Elizabeth Chen that the tenure recommendation as presented by Dr. Bell be approved. 


Motion carried.





Sabbatical Report on Programs of Early Learning in Germany and Italy

Joyce Riley, Director of Childcare Services, reported.

·         During Spring Quarter, Highline granted Ms. Riley a sabbatical so that she could go to Munich, Germany and Italy to investigate informal and formal early education sites in hopes that she would be able to gather information for HCC’s new child care facility.  The outcomes turned out to be more than just observing physical environments for young children.  The people were so warm and receptive and Highline will definitely benefit from her trip to Germany.  Some of the continuing themes during her investigation that will ultimately be seen in the new HCC child care facility are simplicity and using natural materials, space for children and adults to initiate activities and work them through to be finished, and the importance of a parent advisory committee. They have established an international dialogue with the adults and established project pals with the children – the children are starting to send projects back and forth from Munich with the ultimate goal being an international quilt made for the new facility. 

·         While in Europe, Ms. Riley left many fliers about Highline and the Early Childhood Education Program at the various early learning programs she observed.  She made contact with 15 types of formal kindergarten sites and was able to work extensively with five of them.  She took time to build rapport and tried to schedule time for five visits to each kindergarten, one first for observation, one for dialogue with the head staff, one for dialogue with the parents and then two more to continue with the process.  Ms. Reilly observed at the end of the two months that they are facing the same issues as HCC’s facility including decreased funding from the government, the institution of national standards, and attracting and retaining qualified staff.

·         In the new HCC childcare center, Ms. Reilly hopes to be able to incorporate a project room that will allow the children to initiate an activity and let it develop over a long period of time.




Institutional Advancement

Lisa Skari reported

·         Next week, HCC will host a luncheon with a Paralegal Endowment donor and the Paralegal staff and Administration.  Scholarships will begin being funded from that endowment next year.

·         A Foundation board member has challenged the other board members that he will match any gifts up to $15,000.00 to the Foundation setting up a specific scholarship.

·         Work is underway on the Report to the Community for 2003.  The report should be on campus in the middle of January.  Ms. Skari asked the Board to reflect on the presentations to the community last year and to have their input ready for her when the 2003 report comes out.

·         Mike Emerson would like to invite the Foundation Board President to a future HCC Board of Trustees’ Meeting.  Ms. Skari stated that she and Dr. Bell are working with the Foundation to have them prepare an annual report and present that report to the Board of Trustees each January.

Marie Zimmermann reported.
·         Allison Green, Writing Instructor, was awarded the 2003 Exemplary Status Award from the Washington Community and Technical Colleges Humanities Association.  She and HCC received a certificate.  Ms. Green has been one of the major forces behind HCC’s Department of Culture, Gender and Global Studies.  She is very active on campus and has worked very hard in that area.

·         The HCC Small Business Development Center was awarded the 2003 Business of the Year at Large by the Southwest King County Chamber of Commerce.  Jennifer Shelton has done a wonderful job with the Center.  Dr. Bell mentioned that the Chamber Board sought the nomination because they were so impressed by the Small Business Development Center.

·         Ms. Zimmermann distributed a brochure from the Center for Extended Learning that outlines the offerings in Winter Quarter for Senior Programs.

·         This week Instruction started the process for hiring the new faculty for next fall.  They will be placing ads in a wide variety of areas starting in late December/early January so that the applications and the review process starts in mid February.  To start this process, they held meetings to select the screening committees for each of the faculty positions that they’re aiming to fill, and they had discussions regarding the logistics of the hiring process and the advancement of the Strategic Initiative on diversity in terms of the hiring process of the faculty.  The goal of the sessions was to have conversations about the issue of diversity needs to be at a conscious level at every step along the way of the hiring process and to have enough of a discussion that, hopefully, it will carry over into the individual screening committees.  They discussed the wording of job announcements, where advertising and recruitment take place, and how applications are reviewed.

Student Services

Ivan Gorne reported.

·         Both the men’s and women’s soccer teams won their division and their initial playoff games.  The finals will be at Clover Park High School this weekend.  The women’s coach is Jaimy McLaughlin and the men’s coach is Jason Prenovost.  The women’s soccer program had an outstanding turn-around in the two years since Mr. McLaughlin has been coaching.  The volleyball team has done quite well this season.  The cross country teams placed third behind Clark and Spokane, and the two individual winners for men and women were Highline students.  Robert Yates is the cross country and track coach, and was named Cross Country Coach of the Year.

·         Andrea Tinney was awarded the Outstanding Student Services Award.  Ms. Tinney works in Outreach, does a lot of recruiting, teaches part-time in PE and Health, and she will be a part-time employee in Women’s Programs this year organizing the Expanding Your Horizons Conference.  She is a very valuable part-time staff member and is the first part-time staff member to win the award, which is all based on nominations from peers.  The award comes with $350 to be used for professional development.


General Administration

Laura Saunders reported.

·         There have been a lot of pressures on campus due to the construction and Administration has had some interesting issues in trying to find places for students between classes due to the absence of a student union building.  Also, there has been a lack of heat in Buildings 20, 21, 22 and 23.  Space heaters were used, but the overload of power usage was tripping the breakers.  The heat is now back on in Building 20.  The campus power was completely shut down on Veteran’s Day to do some electrical switchovers.  There will need to be at least one more complete shut down in the future.

·         Professional Development Day was held on October 17th.  The committee was chaired by Pat Daniels of Administrative Technology who did an outstanding job.  The event was wonderful and well attended.  There were a number of workshops offered focusing on HCC’s internal processes.

·         Dr. Saunders and Pete Babington, Facilities Director, have been invited to appear before the City of Des Moines on November 18 to discuss city permits.

·         Due to state budget constraints, HCC will be audited by the state on a two-year cycle instead of a one-year cycle.  After the current auditing cycle is complete, the College will be audited in Fall of 2005.

·         Human Resources piloted the Administrative Personnel Accountability Review System with the goal to have everyone in the Administrative/Exempt Staff participating in the three-year process.  By the end of next calendar year, everyone will have had initiated the training for this process.

·         The Employee Recognition Program called Random Acts of Recognition has started where an employee can identify someone who has done something special in the workplace.  They receive a visit from the HR office and their names are put into a drawing for use of the President’s parking space for a week.

·         The first phase of the Capital Budget Request is due the end of December.  Dr. Saunders, Ivan Gorne and Lorna Ovena are on the advisory committee for collective bargaining and Dr. Saunders will be on the negotiating team.

·         Dr. Bell stated that the Professional Development Day was the third annual all-campus professional development day where the campus is closed down and all faculty and staff are invited to participate in a campus-wide approach to professional development.  The first year was good, the second was much better, and this year there were hundreds of people in the Pavilion.  The event was opened by asking each member of the Executive Staff to talk about why they chose higher education and community colleges and why they chose HCC.  Dr. Bell commended Pat Daniels for doing such an excellent job in chairing the Professional Development Day committee.

·         Dr. Bell, with respect to the Human Resources work on the performance appraisal system, shared her admiration for the work that the committee is doing in their dedication and commitment to excellence.




Faculty Senate

Phil Droke reported.

·         The Faculty Senate has been meeting twice a month since the beginning of the quarter and working hard on filling committee posts and setting the system up so that the committee membership rotates on a predictable, schedulable basis.  Mr. Droke commended Ruth Frickle for doing a marvelous job of recruiting people.

·         The Faculty Senate is considering the policies presented by the Policy Development Council.  The senators are working very closely with their divisions in order to obtain faculty input on the policies.

·         The statewide Faculty Association of Community and Technical Colleges (FACTC) held their development day on the same day as HCC’s Professional Development Day.   Mr. Droke commended the work of faculty member Laura Manning for giving a workshop at the FACTC event on small group creation and management that was extraordinarily well received.  Mr. Droke plans to look into the scheduling of these days for next year and hopes to be able to have them scheduled so that they don’t conflict.


Unscheduled Business

·         In accordance with the policy adopted last month, Michael Allan moved that the College trustees repurchase Dr. Bell’s accumulated leave in excess of 160 hours at the current salary rate of President Bell and that such payment be made as part of the payroll period ending November 28, 2003.  Ed Davila seconded the motion.


Motion carried.


New Business




The meeting was adjourned at 11:10 a.m.


Next Regularly Scheduled Meeting of the Board of Trustees

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Trustees will be December 11, 2003.


              8:00 a.m.       Study Session             Building 25, Room 411

            10:00 a.m.       Meeting                        Building 25, Board Room




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J. Michael Emerson, Chair                             Priscilla J. Bell, Secretary